The following is an excerpt taken from Rev. John Van Drie's book titled

"My Angels Work for Me"


Chapter Ten

Another interesting happening in my life was a radio talk show that I did with Steve Frier shortly before our 1994 Seven Continent Dowsers Conference.  An audio of this program was given to a man by the name of Harry Hubbard.  Sometime after my airing, Steve Frier and the psychic that had been on his show were in a restaurant in downtown Chicago having a bite to eat around 1:30 AM.  They noticed Harry Hubbard sitting nearby.  For some strange reason, both of them got a strong feeling to meet and talk to Harry which they did.  Steve and Harry became friends and communicated with each other regularly.  Harry told Steve about his search for the lost tomb of KING ALEXANDER THE GREAT in southern Illinois.  Harry explained that he had located the general area but couldn't pin down the exact location.  Steve told Harry, "You need to contact John the dowser."

Steve had given a copy of my tape to Harry.  Harry called me and arranged a plane ticket for me to St. Louis for the Saturday after our 1995 Seven Continents conference.  I flew down to St. Louis expecting an older man, however, Harry was a young man.  We drove back to the house trailer that he was renting in Mt. Vernon, Illinois.  He showed me tablets that he had purchased from Mr. Russell Burrows who had been taking them out of the cave on a regular basis since 1982 and selling them all over the U.S.A.  It gave me goose pimples when I ran my hand over the image of Julius Caesar carved on a beautiful white marble tablet.

Together, Harry and his associate Paul Schaffranke have knowledge of 33 ancient languages and were able to translate the hieroglyphics on the tablets that they had photographed.  They had this all on videotape which I viewed for several hours before we went to the site.

At the site using "L" dowsing rods, I located 5 potential areas of access to the cave (so I thought).  In some cases all I did was verify what a local dowser had found before I came down.  All of this activity was videotaped by Harry.

That evening Harry took me to a Chinese restaurant that he frequented in Mt. Vernon and after dinner, I did some healing work for his Chinese friends.  After dinner, we went back to the rental trailer and viewed more videotapes.

During all my conversations with Harry, I began to realize that he is the most intelligent person that I have ever met.  His knowledge in so many different fields is very impressive.

The next day, the local dowser went with us.  I gave him a set of "L" rods and he verified my findings with them.  Harry then took me back to St. Louis to catch the plane back to Chicago.  It was a most interesting week-end.  I will talk more about the tomb of Alexander the Great in a later chapter.

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