Teffy has proven to be an amazing animal such that she has traveled over 150,000 miles during her lifetime thus far.  She adapts very well to new environs and is always polite, mannerly and she never misbehaves or destroys things.  She is a brilliant hunter with exceedingly keen senses and she's always ready to hit the road no matter where she is or what the conditions are.  She is a 1989 model.

Tef died October 6th, 2006, at the age of 17.

Teffy's Gallery II

Teff at home in Illinois, spring of 2000.

Teff on the road in Texas, crashed on the dash. 2001

Teff in Las Vegas gazing at Tom's exceedingly rare Tiger Rattlesnake.  2003

Teff in Albuquerque making new friends at Dr. Ghost Wolf's ranch.

Teff in Denver.

Teff napping in Torrington, Wyoming.

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