Gold Artifact Replicas from the Photograph* Collection of Alexander Helios, Inc.

4 Gold bricks inscribed with Ancient text

Golden Falcon 4 Gold Coins Medallions and coins

Gold bricks with Egyptian Glyphs Medallions on blue

Pile of gold artifacts on Jack Ward's floor

More medallions and coins Front of large Sun medallion

Front of large Sutek medallion Several large plaques

Elephants with script Meet me at the bar Strange Statuette

  Four Helios pieces  Five more coins Two Dolphins?

  Close up of brick with Egyptian Hieratic Boring Horses

  Close up of medallion  Small statue?

Front of large Helios Gold Brick Three Tanits

Several large gold discoidal ornaments and bricks

Gold Pieces featured on the Art Bell website

Large George Neff "gold" brick from Dover Smelt

*All photographs with the blue velvet background were taken by Harry Hubbard.

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