Maps of Cave Interior

By Horatio Rybnikar

All maps and photographs by Col. Russell E. Burrows

First, is the map of the Tomb drawn by Burrows for the Mystery Cave book on page 43, Fig. 1.

Figure - 1

This map was not the most recent map available when the book was published. This drawing is a refined edition of the map inspired by Dr. Warren Cook's desire to research the details of the Tomb. Burrows first map of the cave interior was drawn in 1986 at Dr. Cook's request. As Burrows increased his penetration into the cave, he added those portions to his map index of the Tomb.

As you will see on the second map from page 164 of the same book, Burrows had already penetrated beyond the limits of the previous map. Fig. 2 shows more description and includes the Main Crypt with several other passages.

Figure - 2

Fig. 3 is taken from the second "Burrows Cave" book called Rock Art Pieces from Burrows Cave and is found on page 88. You will notice how Burrows at the special request of Dr. Scherz has indicated distances and compass directions in the diagram. There is also another diagram of the Cave layout in Dr. Scherz' book on page 106 which is listed as Fig. 3.1.

Something that was always confusing were the differences between both Figs. 1 & 2, opposing to 3 and 3.1 pertaining to the layout of the statues. In Figs. 1 & 2, they are somewhat laid out in a circular pattern clearly crossing the main corridor. While in Figs. 3 & 3.1, the statues are clearly laid out in a row. In 1997, I was told by an anonymous stone owner that Burrows had told him back in the mid 1980's that the large statues were blocking the corridor hampering his access through them. He stated that Burrows told him he moved them all to one side to make passage beyond them easier.  Meaning that Burrows had moved them, and then drew his maps accordingly.  Something also worth notice is the word "valley" at the bottom. 

Figure - 3

Figure - 3.1

Many persons began to wonder why Burrows was so discreet and vague with not only the location of the Tomb, but also the general layout. The lack of supportive photographs increased the hostility of the cultish 'believers' and Burrows was put to task to provide actual photographs from the interior of the Tomb.

The first pictures from the Tomb's interior made available to the public appeared in the Volume 4 edition of the Ancient American magazine at the end of Burrows' interview. Two of the four pictures shown have nothing to do with the cave and were merely plants. The other 2 (4 and 5) are presumed real at this time for the following reasons. These 2 color photographs (Figs. 4 and 5) had quite a unique history which wasn't discussed at all in the magazine. These 2 photographs are now copyrighted by Alexander Helios, Inc. as are all photographs of negatives in our possession. Granted though, the Ancient American has on several occasions published artifacts from this Tomb sideways or upside- down. However, these 2 pictures never made sense to anyone or even to us until the negatives were carefully examined and their authenticity discovered. It is not known where the other 2 photographs came from and since Burrows does nothing but lie about everything, we most likely never will know.

Let us now go back to spring of 1991 and fill in a gap:

In the spring of 1991 Burrows had been connected with an amazing Biblical Archaeologist named Dr. Jackson Judge. With the help of a well known video producer, Dr. Judge and Burrows teamed up and began doing seminars and lectures. Dr. Judge had now been with Burrows for several years and made brilliant deductions concerning the Tomb and its placement in the Skillet Fork Basin. He pleaded with Burrows to provide him with photographs from the inside for study. Dr. Judge would no doubt have been able to make tremendous progress concerning the study of the Tomb had he more and better information from Burrows. Burrows' idea was to keep progressive scholars totally at bay. Unlike the sluggish and incompetent spirit of Scherz, Dr. Judge had formed conclusions that approached accurate interpretation. Burrows' seeing this was quick to stagnate Dr. Judge which frustrated him greatly. He continued to insist on seeing the photographs that Burrows had promised but never delivered at the will of the Mythical Landowner, George Neff.

Before these guys were kicked "out of it" due to Burrows ill will, Burrows gave public lectures for them which are now available on a video from our catalog. Burrows got the idea to hoodwink Dr. Judge and lay these old photos on him that no one had seen to pacify his curiosity. Burrows explains in the videos, (with Judge present) that he took 40 rolls of film, but they didn't turn out because he did not have permission from the spirits that live in the cave. Burrows used this lie and was happy that it worked. He went on to relate that after receiving permission from the demons, he shot a roll of film from his 110 camera and 8 images came out on the film. The roll in out possession is that very roll of 8 shots, however, only 2 exposures are clear enough to see.

Burrows had arranged for the video producer, complete with production crew and Dr. Judge to visit the site in spring of 1992, but on the day of the scheduled film-shoot, Burrows called the producer at 4 AM that morning and kicked them all out of it just as he had done to so many people before them. "You're out of it you hear me, you're out of it"!!! The production team quickly responded by canceling all further speeches and signing appearances already scheduled. This outraged the Burrows and he continued to threaten them for several months afterward harassing the families of the participants all hours of the day and night. This cancellation cost Burrows probably $25,000.00+ in lost book sales. The entire affair discredited Burrows, his key followers and the existence of a cave in Illinois.

Back to fall of 1996.

Addressing the issue, Harry carefully studied the photos and film learning that the camera was turned on its side to take the photos thereby causing them to be printed sideways in the Ancient American magazine. These 2 photos #1 and #3 were separated by a blank shot #2 and the last, (#3) was followed by another blank shot #4. Burrows attempted to picture a section of the cave using a sequence of 4 shots 2 of which were under exposed. Burrows said nothing and did nothing to indicate to the editors of the Ancient American that the photos were pictured sideways and separated. They appear on the film as you see them here. When pulled outward, the large rock across the top of #3 (Fig. 4) ties up as it actually should.

Figures - 4 & 5

As the public can now study these 2 seemingly scant photographs, there are several things to notice. First, the whitish deposit at the bottom of photo #1 (fig 4) is draining from the ceiling, causing a pile to form at the bottom of the large rock in the foreground to the right. Second, looking closely at the upper right center of the Fig. 4 picture, you see a ram head or bull head with markings down the horn; this is typical of the artifacts. This photo, when misprinted, shows a resemblance to an ugly stone head, fallen, and wedged somehow in the rock at the center. It could be just that, but it is not the best image in the photograph. When pictured sideways, it threw everyone (including us) off. Fig. 6 (below) is the enhanced center portion of figure 4. You can clearly see the eyes and snout of the ram / bull's head image facing left.

By placing the 2 pictures (Figs. 4 and 5) as they occur on the film with the blanks, the sequence would have shown a hallway with an opening at the rear of the corridor where there is a small port allowing sunlight to pass through. Therefore, in conclusion, we believe these pictures are authentic and support the existence of a cave beyond the lies and deceit of Burrows. The discreet ploys and drama also support our position.

Figure - 6

There are 3 other photos floating around that Burrows (through V. Hourigan and Wayne May) claimed were taken inside the tomb, but there is no evidence to support this claim. As we have seen so many times in the past, because Burrows says It: Does not make it so! Thus, we never had desire to post anything other that what we could establish as fact.

Years after this article was written and placed online, I had new copies of the negatives made at a better facility which proved to produce a much higher quality picture.  To see the new prints of Figures 4 and 5, click here.

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