This is another original tablet inscribed using the "SCHAFF" alphabet. It translates as: "The Punic Elephant is abundant where it is humid." This type of tablet was also found in Ecuador and makes its mark in the Father Crespi collection.  They all most likely emerge from King Juba II who was fascinated with the elephant. The tablets found in Ecuador are identical to the script seen here. This Tablet can be read about in the Mystery Cave of Many Faces book by Rydholm and Burrows. There is also data about this tablet in "The Discovery of Alexander's Tomb."

This is another tablet that shows the exact same script and the elephant is quite similar as well.  There were at least four of these tablets taken from the Tomb at different times.  You should notice that the middle character on the top line is squared off, just as it should be.  This is very important to understand what happened with Barry Fell.

This is the third tablet we want to show.  This tablet however, has been tainted.  Notice how the letter in the middle of the top line of script is now slanted.  Russell Burrows carved the letter to look like this thinking he would be able to fool Fell into believing the stone was similar to his, but Russell was to learn that Fell had tainted his own drawing of the tablet from Ecuador slanting the center character in his book to make it read as he wished.  This is a big problem among American scholars.  They believe it is all right to do this under suspicion that the original carver didn't know what he was doing.  Because of this, Barry Fell determined that all the Burrows Cave stones were faked by someone familiar with his books.  But such was not the case.  The real problem was: Who ever gave Fell the permission to taint and change the script pictured in his books?  Therefore, we would urge anyone and everyone to completely disregard all of Barry Fell's line drawings, photographs and decipherments.  No one can ever know for sure what is real and what is not if it appears in a publication with Fell's name on it.  This tradition continues today within the organizations that Barry Fell established.   

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