Our Reply to the Recent Book Release

Lost Treasure of King Juba

by Frank Joseph

From Paul Schaffranke - Alexander Helios, Incorporated

Harry Hubbard - Lazeria Publishing Company

©MMIV by Alexander Helios, Inc.

In brief, we will now expedite details and prove beyond marginal question, that Mr. Frank Joseph has violated our copyrighted material throughout his book; published three of our photographs without permission; and has blatantly plagiarized our documented history.

Please accept this review as complete documentation that the book titled, "The Lost Treasure of King Juba" by Frank Joseph, ©2003, (ISBN 1-59143-006-2) printed and marketed by Inner Traditions Publishing Company; is a completely plagiarized work which blatantly violates and infringes upon the copyrights held by Lazeria Publishing Company and owned by Paul A. Schaffranke and Harry Hubbard a.k.a. Horatio Rybnikar. "The Lost Treasure of King Juba" is predicated and contrived to intermingle with Alexander Helios, as is clearly indicated in Mr. Joseph's book on the very first page of Chapter One; where Mr. Joseph writes at the beginning of the second paragraph: "Religious imagery includes the so-called Alexander Helios symbol." This statement makes no mistake that Mr. Joseph is going to use the name "Alexander Helios" as well as the so-called Symbol, for the basic, fundamental element of his book.

Keeping this in mind, please see  Exhibit A which is the front and back of the copyright certificate titled, "Alexander Helios, Forgotten Emperor of Ancient America" and dated as being recorded and filed by the United States Copyright office; Oct. 21, 1994.

Next is Exhibit B which is a photocopy taken from page 128 of Harry Hubbard's second book titled: "The Curse of Alexander's Tomb" (published by Lazeria Publishing, Co. MM). Page 128 of said book clearly shows that Lazeria Publishing Company of Melbourne, Florida filed for trademark certification on 12-27-94 of the Helios Symbol.

The description below the Registered Trademark states: FOR BOOKS, MAGAZINES, BUMPER STICKERS, POSTERS, MANUALS, BOOKLETS, BROCHURES, ILLUSTRATIONS, DIAGRAMS, PHOTOGRAPHIC PRINTS, TECHNICAL PICTURES, ALL ABOUT THE DISCOVERY THAT HELIOS, SON OF CLEOPATRA AND MARC ANTONY, BROUGHT THE TOMB OF ALEXANDER THE GREAT TO AMERICA IN 15 B.C. This Exhibit clearly displays the Alexander Helios Symbol with its commercial intent and potential usages. We discovered the meaning of the Symbol years before our contemporaries jumped on the band wagon.

The actual Exhibit A itself, was enhanced before publication to accentuate its valuable importance along with its rationale. Together, these two Exhibits are overwhelming for Mr. Joseph and stand well documented since 1994, nine years prior to the releasing of his book titled, "The Lost Treasure of King Juba." Although Mr. Joseph uses Alexander Helios and his Symbol for his first, foremost and primary explication of his book, he never once gives the deserved credit to Paul Schaffranke who actually deciphered the inscription in June of 1994. This fact is a well documented issue. Instead, Mr. Joseph uses Schaffranke's decipherment as the spring-board for his plagiarized work by not only claiming to have deciphered the Symbol himself on pages 192 and in passing on 206; but Mr. Joseph shares his claim of masterful Epigraphy with one Mr. Michel-Gerard Boutet on pages 185 and 186. This action does not stop Mr. Joseph as he mentions the ever-famous Alexander Helios 31 times in his book, while the Helios Symbol is discussed several times also.

Thus, Mr. Joseph uses the name ‘Harry Hubbard’ eight times within his text, and refers to articles by Harry Hubbard nine times in his footnotes. However, he never mentions the name of Paul Schaffranke. His references to Harry Hubbard are not presented in an historical - academic manner, but rather as an obligatory resource of sorts for nostalgic information about his adversary, a Mr. Russell Burrows. Harry Hubbard and Paul Schaffranke have always worked together on their historical discoveries published forthwith in previously released material concerning the embellishments and attributes of both Alexander Helios, and King Juba II of Mauretania. Mr. Joseph's Bibliography doesn’t mention any of the important resources of information that he had received from us through the years going back to 1995.

Now let us examine in more detail further subject violations of copyright infringement:

Chapter One is titled "It All Started With Cleopatra." To deny that Mr. Joseph has not plagiarized this title, one simply has to review the article mentioned in the above allegations to learn that we too published our story in its beginning with Cleopatra.

How would Mr. Joseph have ever known there was a connection with King Juba II, but rather begin his storyline with Cleopatra as this sordid tale is not recorded in any Classical or previously renown ancient source and would seem completely renegade to all ‘sane’ outsiders. Mr. Joseph obviously learned about this twisted myth by studying our previously released material; and then he claimed our discovery as his own.

Mr. Joseph has no prior publications of any description relating to the story he allegedly creates in "The Lost Treasure of King Juba," but on the contrary, he has written several articles and given dozens of lectures proclaiming the alleged Lost Treasure of King Juba, was anything but. For instance:

In October of 1993, Mr. Joseph wrote an article in Ancient American Issue #1. In this article, Mr. Joseph details all of his knowledge and speculations concerning the alleged site later to be ambiguously called 'The Lost Treasure of King Juba,' by listing what he believed to be true and accurate topic matter at that time; in a singular column. Nowhere in Mr. Joseph’s article, nor in his list of subjects, do the keywords: King Juba, Alexander Helios, Selene, Cleopatra, Octavia, Marc Antony, Julius Caesar, Augustus Caesar, Caligula, Ptolemy Philadelphus, the ancient city of IOH or Mauretania - ever appear as being associated with this particular Trans-Atlantic Migration.

At a later date, during summer of 1995, Mr. Joseph again published an article with Russell Burrows in Ancient American magazine issue #11 which is titled "Ancient Pirate Treasure In Illinois." Again, there is no mention of a King Juba, Alexander Helios, or Alexander the Great in the article but much rather, the essay clearly surmises that our discovery happens to be the site of an ancient, Punic-Pirate treasure trove. So where and when did Mr. Joseph find his new ‘revelation’ of such biblical proportions such that it was worth his time to write a book about our subject?

However, on the other hand, Harry Hubbard and Paul Schaffranke have produced over 20 video's, 5 CD's, 2 books, 35 articles 14 reports etc. directly related to and repeatedly including all of these personages since early 1994, over nine years before Mr. Joseph's book. Our material has been circulated all around the world since that time and our documentation cannot be disputed.

On page 2, Mr. Joseph writes concerning scripted tablets from King Juba's Treasure, "... some of which have already been partially translated..." without any additional credits, thereby presuming to claim himself to be the translator. He provides no acknowledgement of Paul Schaffranke's decipherments which Mr. Joseph has carefully studied for many years.

Lastly, Mr. Joseph uses several of our pictures without permission, but following are the most noteworthy:

Figure 1.1, (the very first picture in Mr. Joseph’s book), is a photograph taken by Harry Hubbard in Columbus, Georgia during April of 1995 in the presence of many witnesses. We have this negative along with the context of its respective counter pieces in good order and it is undoubtedly the very same picture of a replica gold coin minted in ancient Gades (modern Cadiz). This picture of the ‘Elephant Coin’ was first released to the public in summer 1995 in a feature production video titled "Photoshow II" produced and directed by Harry Hubbard. Mr. Joseph, however, states in the caption below the coin that the picture was taken by Beverly Mosely, which is an absolute falsehood that is easily proven untrue. This picture was featured in Ancient American Magazine (Issue 16) in January of 1997, thereby proving that Mr. Joseph did indeed possess our photograph after Harry Hubbard had presented it to him to be published within the context of a specific and particular article for issue #16 ONLY! Since the coin is pictured on page 54 (as Figure 13) of Mr. Joseph's magazine in January of 1997, he cannot deny he had our picture, nor can he prove he ever received permission from us to reprint our photograph in his book, which is based entirely upon our previously released material. Perhaps Mr. Joseph selected this coin because Schaffranke has translated the coin as being minted by none other than King Juba.

Figure 8.1, on page 79, shows a pile of gold coins spread out over a black background. Underneath the illustration, appears the caption: "Photograph republished with permission, Ancient American 3, no. 16 (January/February 1997)." Of course, Mr. Joseph is referring here to the very same magazine issue composed entirely by Harry Hubbard and Paul Schaffranke. We find it amusing to learn how Mr. Joseph is claiming his permission credits to use this picture from the Ancient American Magazine #16, when this particular photograph is not featured anywhere in that issue. This photograph has never been released in the United States for publication but only to a single source in Germany. The fact of this matter is that we own the negative of this photograph and we can produce the original negative on its original slide stock. Mr. Joseph cannot produce same and Mr. Joseph has no signed release allowing him to use this photograph taken from our vault. We do not know how Mr. Joseph obtained his copy of this photograph. This is not only infringement but perhaps libel as well.

Mr. Joseph's use of the photograph in Figure 8.5 on page 85 is still a mystery and perhaps far more sinister. The photograph was taken by Harry Hubbard during August of 1997 in the presence of several witnesses. It was first posted on internet webpage illinoismysterycave.com during October 2001.

It should be noticed that Mr. Joseph's photograph is pictured on its side, rather than being correctly oriented with its true bottom downward. This may have been perpetrated in an attempt to confuse researchers. Nevertheless, the copy Mr. Joseph lifted for his own, unauthorized usage, was of a better quality than what appears on the internet. Attempting to track down where and how Mr. Joseph obtained his copy, it was discovered that Luc Burgin's book "GEHEIMAKTE Archaologie" published by 'bettendorf' 1998 in Germany, certainly shows the very same photograph on page 97. Mr. Burgin has our permission in writing to publish this photograph in his book, and the quality of his printed material is superb. It would appear as though Mr. Joseph took Mr. Burgin's book and made a color photocopy of the gold tablet on page 97 before using his 3rd generation copy as the plate for his book.

With this competent information: We feel certain there is more than ample evidence to show very clearly, that Mr. Joseph has plagiarized our material and used our photographs without permission or authorization.

Plagiarism, intellectual theft and copyright abuse with violations of the criminal magnitude that Mr. Joseph is vehemently guilty of, should be contained. It should also be noted that before Mr. Frank Joseph changed his name, he was formally known as Mr. Frank Colin, leader of the Skokie Seven Nazi Squad having become famous to the world during the Chicago outrages in 1978.

Thank you for your time,

Paul Schaffranke, President, Alexander Helios, Inc.

Harry Hubbard, (Horatio Rybnikar) President, Lazeria Publishing Company

Exhibit A, front and rear

Exhibit B