March 27, 1997


Dear Harry & Paul, 

You just would believe the mess were in here as I am trying to complete a new library attached to our house.  My son and I are doing the work ourselves but now he has to travel to Madison, Wis four days a week and Im pretty much on my own. 

Besides taking 100% of my time and speaking about every other week, I cant find anything.  This stuff will all be sorted when were able to move in there. 

I just cant put my finger on the George Neff  letters but I will see that you get copies soon. 

I would like to have the Paula Stein papers back but there is no hurry.  We are headed for Skandinaved on several historically related missions which Ill tell you about when we return (July 1). 

Id like to get the Stein papers back sometime in July or August. 

Also would like to hear your comments on the Charlie Boyle translations and the Stein translations.  

Just a suggestion offer your tapes at a discount price to outlets in other states that have their own clientele.  Youll sell a lot more of them and remember there are 225 million people out there you cant reach them all.  

Could I have some copies of newspaper articles if you have any. 


Fred Rydholm