May 8, 1995

50 yrs since V.E Day

Dear Harry and Paul, 

You wowed ‘em in Georgia – and while a lot of the “stuffed shirts” may have acted un-impressed (most however were dumbfounded) and a few, of course, thought you were making it all up – I was really amazed at what you have accomplished.  I hope you don’t spoil it now.  You have already made your niche in history and in time you will be world-famous for your achievements. 

I think the best thing you can do now is get on the good side of Russell.  He holds the key to the cave and if you run rough-shod over him, he could be very difficult.  But I know Russell.  Underneath he has a good heart and his anger and distrust melts easily.  He also needs you two fellows but right now he doesn’t trust you.  Don’t look for the big bucks – that is sure to come with time.  Russell doesn’t have much of that left but you two have the next fifty years.

I would suggest that you write him an apologetic letter and offer to cooperate to get the cave open.  He’s working on it anyway – but if he doesn’t have your cooperation, he’ll do everything to keep you out of it. 

I’m more anxious than anyone to get that cave open but I have to work behind the scenes. 

Now, as to your trip here, we would very much like to have either or both of you come up here.  We have a place where you can stay and want you to visit our camp and Huron Mt Club.  You’ll never see anything like either of these places again. 

If you are willing to put on a short presentation like the Columbus one or less, we have a lot of interested people.  If not, it’s O.K., no rush.  Also, I could arrange for a TV interview if you would like – live or taped.  If taped, it could be edited.  This would be all up to you. 

We have had two Burrows Cave public meetings in Big Bay and I’m giving an update on July 5th

Also I have a copy of a copy of a copy of one of your tapes to which I have added a Russell Burrows interview.  I would be happy to purchase a good copy of your decipherments.  If I can buy one, let me know the cost.  They are really good and leave no doubt in my mind.   

If you fly, I will pick you up at the airport of course; if you drive, figure on about 4 days travel one way – but it’s been done in less with two drivers, maybe even two days. 

My hearty congratulations on your good work and I am going to be in the front row when you get your honorary Ph.D. 


Fred Rydholm