Dec 4, 1995 


Dear Harry & Paul, 

Somewhere, I have a special set of pictures with each side of my three stones on a separate picture, I sent one of those sets to Jim Scherz and I think (pretty sure) I sent one to Joe Mahan, I thought I sent one to you but apparently not. 

There are some more copies around here somewhere, they either didnít get filed or got in the wrong file.  I will keep searching and if they donít turn up in a reasonable amount of time, Iíll have new ones made.  There is a set of negatives with them, wherever they are but donít worry, youíll get them. 

I admire your tenacity and ability to get to the bottom of things and get things done and I deeply appreciate your keeping me informed.  I believe in your interpretations more than anyone I am aware of.  I think Cyclone does too and I believe Joe Mahan did.  He was the key to bringing all together and was a great loss to the project. 

It seems that Russell does not want the cave opened.  He is difficult to work with and makes enemies of many who try to help him.  He either doesnít believe in your findings and theories or believes you but is making a concerted effort to throw believers off, as can be seen in his Pirate story in the last issue of Ancient American.  

I havenít heard from Russell lately but will be seeing him in Columbus, Ohio in February.  I expect to get caught up on all the news at that time. 

Now, as I sat here writing this note to you, June hands me this envelope of the pictures Iíve been looking for, for two weeks, (or since Thanksgiving). 

So now you have them Ė Iíll be interested in what you make of them and Iím going to stick the letter in with them anyhow Ė 


Fred Rydholm