Oct 2, 1994 

Dear Harry, 

It was very nice meeting you the other day and getting to know you.  I was very impressed with your video and presentation and your enthusiasm concerning the cave and its contents.  I felt that the other members of the committee were also (except maybe Russell who always seems to take a very pessimistic view of everything).  He will come around eventually but he has been blocked so many times and put-down so often that he has had a personality change.   

We feel there are many (at least 5) scripts and languages in the cave.  We feel that Ogam is one of them – not sure of course – but we are all convinced that there is a lot of Ogam on this side of the Atlantic not connected with the cave in any way.  It’s popping out all over the southwest and we have found an Ogam “prayer stone” here.  Whether they have been translated properly or not is another question.  I feel most have. 

The Soper Tablets present another question.  I noticed you feel they are fake.  Please don’t make up your mind one way or another too quick.  Just keep it open for 20 years or so.  I waited 30 years after everyone had the stone from here scoffed out and then it was translated.  I’ve kept an open mind on the cave and now you have come along.  Just because you haven’t caught the key, the alphabet, or the language on the Soper Plates doesn’t mean they don’t exist.  They are too many of them and the historical facts fit too well – (in my mind) to rule them out yet.  And there are a horde of lesser artifacts in the same category. 

After Joe Mahan and Cyclone Covey have evaluated your tape etc. – we will have to formulate a plan and would certainly like your input. With all the wolves out there ready to tear things apart, we have to be very careful, but the public tends to be just, overall and the more we reach of them the better.  To do that, we have to get beyond the “authorities” and the skeptical press. 

Congratulations on the break-through.  It’s a good start in my opinion – but there is a lot more checking to do.  It’s wonderful to have people like you and the World searching openly for the truth. 

I am putting some writing down on the back of this page which is on the reverse side of the carved rock on page 233 in the Mystery Cave Book.   

PICTURE HERE (refer below letters)

This is not exact but is as close as I can come.  Maybe you can come up with something. 

I will be sending you a book of which you probably won’t be very interested in but I want you to read the last 175 pages, (from page 1476 to page 1543 and then page 1559B). 

This may give you some more insight.   

Thanks again for all your work and I would love to meet Paul Kelly. 


C. Fred Rydholm