Professor of History and Anthropology

7-25-1925 to 12-7-1989

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Dr. Warren Cook was the 2nd scholar and first prominent professor to become involved with Burrows and the tomb he had found.  Dr. Cook spoke, read and wrote fluently Spanish, English, German, Portuguese and French.  Warren Cook attended college at Universidad Nacional Mayor de San Marcos, the oldest school in the Western Hemisphere located in Lima, Peru.  There, he earned his first Doctorate of Letters.  He continued his education at Yale University where he obtained an M.A. and Ph.D.  His award winning doctoral dissertation was printed by Yale University Press and nominated for the Pulitzer Prize in 1973.  His research of ancient structures in the Andean Mountains of Peru caused him well deserved international recognition.  He was a world traveler and made trips around the globe with his confidant and famous photographer friend, Mr. Warren Dexter who greatly assisted him with his immobilizing handicap; Dr. Cook suffered of Polio, being severely crippled most of his life.  His disability, however, did not keep him from performing outstanding research.  Dr. Cook was a professor of the highest order and an expert at determining authenticity of ancient artifacts found anywhere in the world.  Dr. Cook was more than qualified to authenticate the tablets from the Lost Tomb rediscovered by Russell Burrows in 1982.  


    Burrows Cave; not dated

    Memo #1; dated July 3, 1987

    Memo #4; dated July 27, 1987

    Burrows Cave Research Center - Flow Chart; dated September 9, 1987

    Dated March 25, 1988