Jody Lawrence

April 19, 1934 to February 27, 1998



A Tribute to Jody Lawrence

By Kathy Burkett

Mother, Grandmother, Sister and Aunt

Kind and Caring, so Steadfast, so Strong

Her Adoring Presence

Will be Missed for so Long.

Everyone she knew grew to love her that's true

Such a wonderful woman who never was blue.

Friends and family, we've gathered near

To tell her good-bye and we lover her so dear.

Always welcome at the Lawrence's, no one turned away.

The weak the strong, we have all come to pray.

Gone but not forgotten, our love will remain.

Like the trees and the sky, and the love of the land.

Hard working and helpful, she's give you a hand.

Your walk through life is now finished.

Eternal peace is at hand.

Our Father has called you to his heavenly land.

By Harry Hubbard:

Jody Lawrence was indeed a wonderful lady whom I met in winter of 1995. She and her late husband, Art, are written about extensively in Tomb Chronicles Part II. They were both key role players in this affair. Jody suffered greatly in her final days, but never lost her kind and humble regard for people she barely even knew. Jody was always very interested in the Tomb project, watched countless videos and read all of our articles and books as they were made available. She had also reviewed all of the data we had accumulated through the years and knew the story far better than most of those who had been privy to the circumstances for a long time.

Jody was an artifact hunter and collector all her life. She grew up as Joann Jones, and spent her earliest years with her family, in their house located less than an eighth of a mile from the Tomb Site. What is most significant, is that this house was situated on a small Mound in the field just north of R-2. Jody scoured the woods for arrowheads, spear tips, axe heads and plummets. She had amassed a collection of well over 3000 ancient stone artifacts during her life, almost exclusively found in the Romine Township. When her house burned to the ground, all her family valuables and artifacts were lost forever.

Jody was a truly good natured woman that wouldn't think twice about telling you how she felt. Her doors were always open to strangers, travelers, family and friends alike. She treated everyone fairly and honestly, which is what she will always be most remembered for. Jody Lawrence was really the Treasure in Romine and she left not a single bad thought among those who knew and loved her. It seemed as though she could never outdo herself in kindness and gratitude. If ever there was a favor or something nice to be done for someone, she had already thought of it and done it.

When Jody passed away, her family requested that her Personalized Security Pass to the Tomb Site be place upon her dress; hence, Jody Lawrence became the first person in history to be interred with a remnant recognizing the Alexander Helios Project. We dearly loved this lady and miss her greatly.

May God Bless Her Soul, and She

Rest in Peace.

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