North America's Pale Prophet

by Wayne N. May & Joshua M. Bennett

Note from Harry Hubbard: The article associated with the pictures below was so poorly constructed as to approach the point of sheer absurdity; it will not be featured here.  The effort to retype it, mandates no reward.  Also, since none of the pictures below are ever mentioned or referred to in the text of the article, there is no loss of impact concerning the point attempting to be made here which is purely analytical. 

All five of these artifacts have been tainted or faked from scratch.  After summer of 1995, these faked artifacts started popping up from different collections as Burrows continued to sell stones.  We accuse none other than Burrows himself of tainting the actual stones, however, it is entirely possible that the authors perhaps "enhanced" several pictures of tablets with a computer (which appears to have happened long before this was published.)  It appears that in this case, the distortion was easy to supplicate.  It is also worthwhile noting that the photographs themselves have had computer-generated red graphics layered on top of the original thereby positioning the editor with obvious knowledge of how to "enhance."  There were no tablets in any collection before 1995 that depict Jesus, the Michigan/Soper (Right-Hand) motif or even the general schema pertaining to the artistic design of the tablets below.  Simply compare them yourself with every other artifact featured on this website and draw your own conclusion. 

By the time these tablets were concocted, our information had already been widely distributed and distorted by those who wished to contrive and twist the facts to provide substantial substance to predestined dogmatic beliefs and theories.  It is not a difficult task to cut and paste images over a dark background as we proved in 1995 when we noticed several tainted pictures begin to circulate.  All this renders the Editor's splendid captions as mere rubbish, however, they are featured with each illustration.  Scrambling the factual data to slant interpretation so vividly individualistic, is detrimental to the Project in the minds of many.  Only the last stone appears to promote the general artistic schema found throughout the known authentic artifacts.  However, it appears that the top 2 symbols of the last illustration below, were added.

A Christ-like figure is depicted on this stone from Burrows Cave, in southern Illinois, Photo courtesy of The Midwest Epigraphic Society (Columbus, OH), Beverley Moseley.

The burial and resurrection of a Christ-like figure appear on this Burrows Cave stone.  Photo courtesy of The Midwest Epigraphic Society (Columbus, OH), Beverley Moseley.

A Burrows Cave stone illustrated with the New Testament scene at Golgotha.  Photo courtesy of The Midwest Epigraphic Society (Columbus, OH), Beverley Moseley.


A central Christ-like figure flanked by twelve apparent followers is represented on this Burrows Cave stone. Ancient American staff photograph.

Another Burrows Cave stone seems to depict Christ walking on water.  Photo courtesy of The Midwest Epigraphic Society (Columbus, OH), Beverley Moseley.

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