An Update from Illinois on Burrows Cave Site

by Wayne May

In the 1980's, Mr. Russell Burrows claimed to have found a cave in southern Illinois containing artifacts deposited by visitors from the ancient world.  Presently, the site is bound up in litigation with no prospects for an opening in the immediate future.  The land owner(s) on which the controversial location is found have forbidden Mr. Burrows (who is not associated with projected archaeological investigation there) from entering the property.  The owner(s) of the property propose to open the cave under professional supervision.  However, necessary funds must be raised and set up in a trust account to show financial responsibility and intent to complete an opening within the guide lines set by the land-owners(s).  Immediate opining of the subterranean site would endanger it by allowing treasure-hunters to abuse the area.  The owner(s) are concerned for any violation and trespass that might occur on their property, as well as on neighboring tracts of land.

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