Issue #28, Spring of 1999

Find of the Century Revealed

On March 24th, Russell Burrows led Wayne May to what Mr. Burrows claimed was the location of the "Mystery Cave of Many Faces," site of a cache of inscribed, illustrated stones documenting Old World visitors to Illinois in pre-Columbian times. Above, Mr. Burrows points to the alleged cave entrance where he supposedly made his discovery 17 years ago. The following day, March 25, Mr. Burrows then entered into a contractual agreement with Fox Publications, wherein he agreed to reveal the place of entrance. Upon signing the agreement Mr. Burrows accompanied Wayne May, Ralph Wolak of Fox Publications and three other investors to the same site as the day before, where Mr. Burrows declared, "This is the cave!" Ancient American and Fox then secured a signed agreement with the landowner on which the site is located to explore and excavate for verification of Mr. Burrows' claim. The site has been posted by the landowner and security is in place. Excavation of the entrance is under way. A certified archaeologist, geologist and anthropologist have been engaged to visit the site when the entrance is exposed.  Ancient American will continue to bring our readers up to date on this controversial find.