Ancient American Issue 24, July/August 1998


No Confidence in Russell Burrows

In reply to R. Burrows' mean-spirited name-calling in Letters to the Editor (Issue 23), I cannot speak for the late Barry Fell, nor for my esteemed colleague, Donal Buchanan, but this irate Irishman can speak for himself.

Burrows uses a classic, textbook strategy in a pitiful attempt to discredit his detractors. His unfortunate quoting of David Deal's statement was taken out of context and has nothing to do with me. Sorry, it didn't work.

In previous statements, Burrows denies having ever met me. Error #1. We met both at Rowley, MA and again at an ISAC conference in Georgia. He states that I have not studied "actual B.C. artifacts," and further that I "have no qualifications." Errors #2 and #3. Yes, I have studied the artifacts and, additionally, have seen most of Hourigan's slides. I listened to Burrows and saw his slides in Georgia. Foolishly, I bought a copy of his sophomoric little book and found it to be amateurish and poorly written.

As to qualifications, I have no qualms about being proud of having been involved in field archaeology since age 12, 56 years of experience, reading, writing, studying, doing a long apprenticeship with professional archaeologists, plenty of volunteer work, and during the past twenty years directing excavations and surveys here in New England. As president of the Grundgywop Society for the past two decades, I have published 16 Volumes of our quarterly newsletter, Stonewatch. Therefore, you son-of-a-bitch, I know what I'm talking about.

My crime? For openly disagreeing with Burrows, for being highly skeptical about his claims and for being critical about his lack of scientific methodology, i.e., looting and plundering the discovery. Until some trustworthy and objective viewers actually "see" if a cave actually exists, I will not consider the B.C. materials as being valid. I don't take giant leaps of faith without more substantial and forthright data.

I believe in Voltaire's statement: "Although I disagree with what you have to say, I shall defend unto death your right to say it." Perhaps Burrows ought to look that one up, learn to be less thin-skinned and dispense with his P.T. Barnum imitation. Frankly, I am delighted that Burrows "has no confidence" in me, this is good for my reputation and will lend others to admire me so much the more. I neither want, not seek the confidence of this mad man who claims publicly to be possessed by Demons. Thank you Russell Burrows.

David P. Barron, President of the Grundgywop Society, Noank, CT

Note from Harry: What this kind gentleman doesn't realize, is that Burrows is not a formidable man at all, rather a redneck with a low IQ, attempting to play a game of scholarship in which he has no offense or defense, only idiotic rhetoric. Burrows need not reply with logic, because no logic lies within to reply with. When our law enforcement agent made the statement that the entire Burrows Cave scenario is like: "...a chimpanzee found a Saturn V rocket in the woods....," is there any disagreement?