Issue 23, April / May 1998

Letters to the Editor

Wannabes on the Edge of Science

I have refrained from replying to the crackpot utterings of David Barron because, as David Deal put it, "answer not a fool lest he appear wise in his own eyes." To my knowledge, Mr. Barron has not studied actual Burrows Cave artifacts and, even if he had, he has no qualifications. He states in his letter to the editor that the likes of Barry Fell and Donal Buchanan have condemned the Burrows Cave script as gibberish.

As for Barry Fell, his work has been proven to be faulty far too many times to be taken seriously, plus he never actually saw any of the artifacts. Buchanan, on the other hand, has, and he says he can't read them; therefore, they must be fraudulent. Buchanan told him once that he had been a cryptographer with the CIA in W.W.II which ended in 1945. The CIA was not formed until 1948!

I had no confidence in Barry Fell and, I have no confidence in Donal Buchanan. I certainly have no confidence in David P. Barron. There are far too many "wannabe" types out there hanging around the edges of science. They do nothing but create problems for those seeking the truth about me and my cave. They're all out of it God Damnit, and that's final.

Russell Burrows