Interview with Harry Hubbard

President of: Ptolemy Productions, Inc.; Alexander Helios, Inc.;

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Alexander Helios, Inc. MCMXCVI

AA: How did you become directly involved with Russell Burrows and the Mystery Cave?

Trying to get pictures of script. Paul kept screaming "I need more script," and it was my task to provide him with more, so I called Burrows from the number listed in the MCMF book.

AA: How did you and Paul meet?

We met in winter of '93. I had been having some Latin texts preserved with special framing techniques and Paul began translating them for me before his shop sealed them into their cases. He enjoyed it and seemed to be having fun, he was a natural for on-the-job Latin. After he had finished, I asked him if he wanted to try his skills at undeciphered scripts and of course he replied yes.

AA: What is your background?

As you are probably aware, I quit high school early and have had no desire to attend an institution of higher learning. I have always read a lot and created research projects for my own amusement. I have been self-employed since '86 and devote most of my time currently to the Tomb Project. I am a music publisher and a producer for the band Glass Hammer, and musically, I assist with promotional endeavors of Michael Rapp and Ted Neeley, the leading performer of Jesus Christ Superstar fame. I also run an electric service / machine shop where we install retrofit industrial irrigation systems for golf courses. I have written many books historical reports and dissertations, I also produce and narrate several of our video releases. I'm not a very good narrator, but someone had to do it.

AA: Do you have any historical or linguistic training?

Linguistically, I study Sumerian, Nagari, Zend and I've picked up some basic Latin simply by following the Schaff script which is mostly common root stems. I have also memorized about 12 ancient alphabets. I am well rehearsed in several dialects of Algonquin, Athapaskan, along with other Native American languages. I had the privelege to study the manuscripts of ShupeShe who is still recognized as the worlds leading authority of Native American languages. Historically, I have always studied Roman, Grecian and the history of all Mediterranean countries; as well as the mound systems of the Americas. I never bought the idea that Indians built these mounds everywhere. I was moved to think that there was a warp in the world's timeline somewhere around the time of Christ. I never knew why, I just played with the idea.

AA: Why did you believe the stones from "Burrows Cave" were real?

I never doubted their authenticity, I guess the general descriptions and printed photos. You don't make up a story about a solid gold coffin, I'm sorry to say. After I examined the photos and descriptions in the books, and then compared that to the text, it was obvious that the people involved were nowhere near being able to concoct the scenario. I have seen thousands of pictures of artifacts and to date, it appears that about 10-12 stones are not authentic. They are very easy to detect. Certain languages are written on certain stone types.

AA: How did you find out about the tremendous amount of gold Burrows took and where did you get these pictures of the gold artifacts?

Anyone who assists us in any way has the privilege of remaining anonymous by not having their names mentioned or printed. Such is granted to this person.

AA: How much gold did Burrows steal from the Tomb?

Monitary value or actual weight?

AA: Both.

The records I have only cover from summer of '87 to fall of '89. During that period, $6,995,308.12 worth of gold passed through the office at A.R.E. Gold was averaging around $435.00 to $450.00 a troy ounce (31.3gms.) at that time. Using the higher number to obtain the lowest weight, divide $6,995,308.00 by $450.00 to get the number of troy ounces which is 15,545. Next, convert the troy ounces into grams 15,545 x 31.1= 483,449gms. Now divide the total amount of grams by 28.3gms. (standard ounce) to get 17,083 and then divide that number by 16 and you get 1067.68 actual pounds as a minimum weight estimate. This is only what I know of and have records to. The gold market crashed before the second lot could be unloaded; Burrows and A.R.E. lost, like over $800,000.00 in a week. That much gold could easily fit into a large shopping bag. I estimate now that the theft damage to this Tomb will exceed one billion dollars. I haven't even gotten around to the diamonds yet and I promised you I wouldn't.

AA: Thank you, one step at a time. What is A.R.E.?

A.R.E. was a bogus Company that Burrows set up to sucker Ward and Cullen with. It stands for Archaeological Recovery Exchange. Burrows conned Jack Ward and Norman Cullen into it using his dreamed up landowner George Neff. To me, A.R.E. stands for Artifact Rip-off Expert.

AA: What happened to all the gold?

It looks to me like a major portion of the first dump was melted down and sold to the US. Mint through Fort Knox. The cashout was then stashed by the company in a Swiss Bank account under the partnership agreement. Burrows was afraid of the IRS becoming suspicious if they spent it or stashed it here. I can't find in my records where the rest of the gold (3 million worth) went. I believe Burrows still has it stashed away, probably in Olney somewhere.

AA: What do you mean by first dump?

There were 2 distinct and separate heats in the gold rush. I suppose because 500lbs of gold can still be managed by a single person without impossible difficulty. 500 pounds is 10 times to the car with a small brick each trip. Ward had the gold tested for purity and it came back with a certification of over 96% gold. I hope you and everyone else will notice the Helios insignia on most of the gold bricks, this is another confirmation of our findings that could never have been faked.

AA: When were the pictures I've used for this magazine taken and where?

They were taken at Jack's museum in spring to fall of '88.

AA: And was that the first or second lot of gold?

It was the end of the first gold rush.

AA: What is your relationship with the landowner?

We get along OK. I don't think he likes me that well but how would you, I or anyone react if people from out of state came to search for a missing ancient Tomb full of Egyptian Kings on your property. I personally feel that he and his family have been most gracious and kind concerning the project. I couldn't have been more thrilled when he actually gave me audience to hear what I had to say. If our roles were reversed, I don't know if I could have been as cordial as he has been. He is a quite admirable person and is well respected in the local township.

AA: What do you believe the landowner thinks of all this?

I believe he has remained about as unbiased as a person could be. He isn't driven by super excitement like myself, but like I said, even the rumor that Alexander the Great might be buried on your property is in all honesty, difficult to swallow. Only after he had reviewed the books and videos did he come to realize that we might be on to something. I had no problem convincing him that Burrows had been all over his land; positive identification of the day and night photographs proved that he had been trespassing quite liberally.

AA: Did he know that Burrows had been escorting people to his ravine for over 10 years?

No. He had no idea that a Burrows Cave ever existed. A local plumber was the first and only person to make the connection as such and be aware of who the landowner where the scenes of the photographs in the book was. Only had he told before our coming could the landowner have known or been made suspect.

AA: Why didn't the plumber inform the real landowner, assuming he had read the book and knew the stories to be untrue?

I can't answer for him either. I have a room full of questions that I know I will never know the answers to.

AA: What do you think will happen to the BCC and the collectors who have purchased stones from Burrows?

As far as I'm concerned, with the exception of Fred Rydholm, they're all in it together, which is what Burrows wants. That way, he can spread the heat around and share it with all his associates. If there are say 20 or 30 people being indicted, he won't stick out so far by himself. His associates idolize and worship him because they want more artifacts. It amazes me what some of his cronies have done and how hard they've worked for nothing. They continue to believe him and what he says. It won't be much longer before it's too late to bail out. Burrows has taken them for a deceptive ride and I'm afraid it will last only a short while before reality clobbers them. The bottom line is that for the past 2 years, we've told Burrows to stop selling the artifacts, as well as informing his buyers not to purchase any more. They have supported Burrows without being concerned in the least who these tablets actually belonged to.

AA: What does Burrows think of you?

Well, we have no plans to go snipe hunting or deep sea fishing together, but ask him. I'm sure you'll get a spin. He threatens to kill me quite often and has done so many times over the last 2 years. I take him lightly because I know what a coward he is. I'm on the verge of changing world history, and he's on the verge of a long demise. You tell me.

AA: Do you think anyone else has been in the Tomb with Burrows?

Yes, the mystery brother-in-law Sam Eyer, a school teacher from Olney. He was in on the heist from the very beginning and his name pops up on several shaky affidavits sworn to several years ago stating he had been inside the tomb. He's not talking, yet that is. I can't see someone going down and taking the rap for Burrows in his stead, but time will tell.

AA: Have you communicated with Burrows lately?

No, I haven't. The last we heard from him Paul spoke to him on the phone, he said that Burrows wanted to meet me out in the cornfield for a fist fight. I'm quite flattered.

AA: My last question. Why do you have so many names?

Confusing isn't it? I have used my previous nickname "Horatio" as a stage name since about 1980. I use it now as a pen name attached to my mother's maiden name "Rybnikar". Hence, "Horatio Rybnikar", and "Harry" is short for "Horatio". My legal name is Brian Boyd Hubbard. Most persons in Epigraphic and History circles know me as "Harry Hubbard", while people in other circles know me as "Horatio". I write, publish and produce as "Horatio Rybnikar"..

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