Site and Personal Bibliography

I have been an avid reader since early childhood and have collected books for most of my life.  This page features my favorite book list as well as recommended reading for anyone with the desire to know more about American Antiquities as well as European Classical History.  So far, (summer MM), I have read well over 5000 non-fiction books with only about 600 more to go before I have read all that I wish.  The following book list was instrumental in assisting with our amazing discovery. It is my desire that anyone hoping to learn more about this Project will read and enjoy these authors.

My Personal Favorite Books in Order:

Pandora's Box by Alex Christopher

Earth in Upheaval by Immanuel Velokowsky

Important books about AMERICAN ANTIQUITIES:

North American Antiquities by Josiah Priest (1831)

The North Americans of Antiquity by John Short (1879)

American Antiquities by Alexander Bradford (1841)

Prehistoric Races of the United States by Foster (1878)

North American Antiquities by Pidgeon (1852)

Strange Artifacts Volume III by William Corliss

ANCIENT MAN: A Handbook of Puzzling Artifacts by William Corliss

Forbidden Archaeology by Cremo and Thompson

They All Discovered America by Charles Boland

All works by Squire and Davis

All books about Mounds and Mound Complexes throughout North America printed in the 1800's and before.

All books concerned with the Ancient Anasazi of the American Southwest.

All books concerned with Ancient Mexico

Classical Authors of Distinction I Often Refer to in our Literary and Video Works featured on this Site:

Ammianus Marcellinus   Appian   Apuleus   Aristotle   Arrian   Athenaeus   Cassius Dio   Diodorus Sicullus  Dionysius of Halicarnisus   Florus   Frontinus   Herodian   Herodotus   Julius Caesar  Livy   Lucan   Manetho   Manilius   Quintus Curtius   Pausanias   Philostratus   Pliny the Elder   Plutarch  Polybius   Remains of Old Latin   Sallust   Silius Italicus   Strabo   Suetonius   Tacitus  Tertullian   Varro   Vitruvius

Primary Research Reference Sources:

Encyclopedia Judaica;   Century Cyclopedia and Dictionary of Names (1899);   Cambridge Encyclopedia of Ancient History;   Encyclopedia Britannica 9th Ed.;   Catholic Encyclopedia and the English Oxford Dictionary;  American Cyclopedia (1870); Webster's Dictionary (1828)  

Recommended Reading

All works published by the Smithsonian Bureau of American Ethnology

All works by Schoolcraft, Catlin, Gallatin, Swanton and Bartram

Handbook of South American Indians by Steward (3 Volumes) [Bureau of American Ethnology]

All works by L.A. Waddell including: Makers of Civilization in Race & History; The Phoenician Origin of Britons, Scots and Anglo-SaxonsAryan Origin of the Alphabet

Unrelated books of Interest

Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion

Facts are Facts by Benjamin Friedman

The Conquest of New Spain by Bernal Diaz

Letters of Hernando Cortez

Strange Death of Adolf Hitler (1938)

The Plot Against Christianity...  by Elizabeth Dilling

Montauk Project by Nichols and Moon

Voyages and Travels by Gemelli Careri (1704)

Diaries of LaSalle, Discoveries of the Great West by Parkman

All works by William Corliss of Science Frontiers including:  UNKNOWN EARTH: A Handbook of Geological EnigmasINNER EARTH: Search for AnomaliesBiological Anomalies HumansBiological Anomalies BirdsBiological Anomalies Mammals

There are hundreds of books not mentioned here to be sure, but this is a good start!  If you're tired of reading trash, give something here a try.