This photograph was featured on the Art Bell website in November of 2001.  The picture had to have come from Russell Burrows because as far as we know, Jack Ward never had this shot in any of his files.  The mummy was deciphered as soon as Paul saw it on the web.  It reads from left to right.  The gap with the last letter on line 1 means the last letter of that line is actually the first of the 2nd line, it is curved upward due to the limited amount of space on the face of the tablet. In Numidian script it reads as follows: ADI  DRMIS.  Paul next interchanged the phonetic sounds into Egyptian.  ATI means king or prince.  Next, he did the same but transposed the R into an L as you see in Egyptian Glyph, and he gets ATI  TLMIS which is pronounced ATI  PTULMIS, which means King / Prince PTOLEMY.  This can easily be confirmed with any Numidian dictionary.