Edited by Jackson Judge

For the first time, we are now featuring this report after long consideration. The final version of this short book was stamped as being written by Russell Burrows as Burrows in his arrogance claimed its authorship. However, in summer of 2002 while visiting with Jackson Judge, he was able to prove beyond doubt this book was completely of his own penmanship by producing his original manuscript which obviously substantiated his claim without question.  After Burrows threw Judge under the bus and began his slanderous attacks against him, he stole this work along with others and claimed them as his own.

This particular copy of the work has seen a devastating past and we apologize for its condition. This is a photocopy of the original taken from the file of Burrows Cave on record at the State Department in Springfield, Illinois and can be seen by any interested persons at that location. The marginal notes and underlines are that of Dr. Thomas Emerson (Illinois State Archaeologist at the time) who did his best to appease Burrows and his supporters of the alleged fantastic cave discovery. Any reader will notice how Dr. Emerson was frustrated with Burrows and his claim.