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Harry Hubbard

I will publicly debate the following issues at any time, anywhere, for MONEY!  Should someone wish to debate these controversial topics, it must be remembered this side has consumed thousands of books of fact and matter pertaining to the topics listed below.  There is no choice but to use printed data as actual evidence to establish true facts step by step; opinions, as well as faith, will not and do not matter.  

Bottom line, if your sources date back further than the win.  Under every circumstance thus far, the opposition has been annihilated.  Several of these issues have already been debated in public and no one (so far) has come close.  If you've only seen a one hour show on the DISCOVERY Channel or the TLC Network concerning these extremely delicate issues: Please don't bother.  This Topical Section is for persons who have read at least 2000-3000 non-fiction books so far in their lifetime.....All others are eligible to wave pom-poms and cheer.  Harry Hubbard, is solely responsible for this Debate Page and will singularly accept full responsibility for the following data listed by subject in alphabetical order:

1)    Animal Years:  Dog Years and Cat Years are the same as Human Years.  The psychology of believing different is nothing more than a subtle indoctrination.  No animal has years different than Humans.  Years are determined by a sun cycle, not the length of any one animal's lifespan.  Anyone who believes in dog years, is ignorant, to say the least.

2)    Bar-Cocheba or Bar-Cochba or Bar-Kocheba or Barcochebas: There never was a warrior named Bar Cocheba.  He was invented in the late 1700's and is entirely mythical as is Hiawatha, Santa Clause and Mickey Mouse.  There never were any Bar Kocheba Wars either!  His history does not exist.  Anyone who buys into this myth, is simply ignorant.

3)    Big Bang Theory:  An absolutely ludicrous and elementary set of theoretical ideas concocted in the late 1930's.  To believe such is to say that Mickey Mouse was a national hero.  The insemination of the idea, and cogitation of this theory reads like a comic strip without humor.  Any one who believes in a Big-Bang Theory, is simply ingnorant.

4)    Black Holes:  There is no hard evidence that Black Holes exist and the theory cannot be proven with existing data or existing mechanical devices.  This theory was concocted in the minds of Science Fiction enthusiasts and found a grip in society at large.  Black Holes exist only in the imagination of Stephen Hawkins; his lunatic instructor; and his closest arch rival; all who attempted to enjoy a famous status.  Therefore, anyone who buys into the Black Hole theories, is simply ignorant of the facts, or lack thereof.

5)    Darwin:  The Theory of Evolution is nothing but a concoction of animal origin designed to make humans think their great grandfathers were monkeys.  When one believes they came from an ape, then they are most likely to believe other falsehoods as well, including what has been listed so far and further below.  Any person who believes in the Darwinian Theory of Evolution is simply ignorant.

6)    Dendrochronology:  Tree Ring Dating.  Don't believe anything you ever heard about dendrochronology.  Tree-Ring dating is a total hoax and a completely unreliable method of dating ancient buildings or anything else in the American Southwest.  Therefore, any person who believes the multitude of theories surrounding tree rings, is simply ignorant.

7)    Flat Earth:  No one ever thought the earth was flat.  This new sensation took a strong foothold after World War II.  There are no books printed in the 1800's that claim anyone ever believed the earth was flat, however, quite the contrary is true dating back to before 500 BC.  Ancient man was no idiot.  Anyone who believes that people before Columbus ever thought the world was flat, are simply ignorant.  All they had to do was look at the sun and moon, DUH!

8)    Global Warming; Ozone Layer Depletion:  There is no Global Warming and there isn't enough evidence available to establish that an Ozone Layer even exists in the first place.  This is a theory concocted merely to excite the fears of the American masses;  similar to Y2K.

9)    Hiawatha:  Hiawatha is not a real person.  He is a mythical character created by Henry Wadsworth Longfellow in the late 1800's.  

10)    Ice Age Theory:  The commonly accepted theories of Ice Ages are utterly impossible.  There never was a global action due to extensive ice glaciers and the idea of such has merely become a catch-all for modern day geologists who throw physics, paleontology and anthropology right out the window.

11)    Madam Blavatsky:  Madam Blavatsky never existed.  She was created out of thin air to mystify and play upon helpless cult wannabe's during the early 1920's and make her creator a lot of money.  The mulatto woman pictured as Madam Blavatsky in the apron, is actually Aunt Jemima.  

12)    Maya / Quetzalcohuatl:  There never were any "Maya Indians" and all information concerning this subject is entirely concocted to play upon a dimwitted society.  The Maya never existed!  There is no such thing as a Mayan Calendar (it was Mexican).  Also, there never existed a person or god named Quetzalcohuatl; he was created and perpetuated by Jesuit Priests out of thin air to play upon an ignorant contemporary public.

13)    Metric System:  The French Metric System is nothing but an absurd form of measurement created and instituted on pompous lies and endless theory to stagnate science, physics, mathematics and technology by those who use it.  ...And no one wonders why the Americans and British invent everything? (This statement pertains to distances only.

14)    Moabite: The Moabite Stone has no provenance.  It does not exist.  The sketching of the tablet was concocted using Punic letters with a modern English syntax.  The Moabite stone is yet another hoax perpetrated to mislead the public.

15)    Pangea, Gondwanaland:  There is no evidence to support the Continental Drift Theory.  This is yet another commonly accepted theory concocted in 1912 by an average weatherman named Alfred Wegener.

16)    Reincarnation:  Reincarnation is nothing but a misnomer to futilely explain certain things we feel happen to us.  Reincarnation is a paradigm easily vanquished by the same people that profess it the loudest.  

17)    Solar Flare:  The famous Super-Solar Flare, taped in the late 1960's and played throughout history ever since on television, is a fabricated hoax created in a simple studio using a primitive UV display to play upon an ignorant nation.

18)    Tectonic Plates:  Throw this in with the Continental Drift Theory: You can't have both at the same time can you?  There are no Tectonic Plates anywhere in the Earth's crust.  Add to this measure, the fact that the famous Ring-of-Fire is a misnomer when the evidence is carefully examined.

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