This cartouche of a very famous king is used quite frequently beside our Helios motif to identify our company, Alexander Helios, Inc. and it is a portion of our trademark.  This cartouche has been an item of debate for a long time in certain academic circles; the scholars wrote about it, discussed it, but they couldn't read it. It is seen frequently in the Tomb artifacts on over 30 pieces.  To unravel this one, don't expect too much refined finesse, you must remember that it came from a crypt in southern Illinois, (Marion, County.)  Research the first 2 dynastic kings who are interred in Illinois referred to on this WebPage.  A hint for the would-be Epigrapher is, look for Hieratic influences.  Look this image up in a Wallis Budge Egyptian Hieroglyph Dictionary, (the kings cartouche section of the Ptolemaic Dynasty.)  This cartouche has been featured in several magazines and periodicals. Schaffranke broke this King's cartouche in summer of 1994 firmly planting his feet in Hieratic Epigraphy.  Should anyone refer to the Budge Dictionary, there are other very important facts on the next page that were used to make a new Historical Discovery concerning a mysterious enigma that has bothered historians for 2000 years.  Below is the cartouche on a stone.  The picture of this original tablet was taken by Virginia Hourigan.

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