Dr. Beverley H. Moseley

Resume' and Personal Biography

1979 to Present: Museum Designers, Inc. Worthington, Ohio - President and member of the Board

1960 to Present: The Ohio Historical Society. Columbus, Ohio - Chief Museum Designer and Art Director

1955 to 1977: Visual Arts, Inc. Graphic Displays and Exhibits. Columbus, Ohio - Member of Board of Directors

1958 to 1979: Beverley Moseley & Associates. Museum Display Designers and Manufacturers. Grove City, Ohio

1951 to 1958: WBNS-TV Columbus, Ohio - Art Director

1950 to 1955: The Ohio Historical Society. Columbus, Ohio - Museum Art Director

1947 to 1950: University Chart & Graphic Service. Ohio State University - Staff Artist

1960 to present: The Ohio Historical Society - Chief Designer and Art Director, responsible for direct support to the Curatorial Division (History, Archaeology, and Natural History), Archives, Publications, and Public Relations. Completed 33 major site Museums. Coordinated research, design, and production, including mechanical drawings, illustrations, model construction, silk screen wall graphics, cases, photography, procurement and display of artifacts, general decor and final installation of exhibits.

Outstanding jobs include the National Road Museum at Zanesville, Ohio and Fort Meigs Museum at Fort Meigs, Ohio. The National Road Museum contains 136 feet of shelf diorama depicting a 200 year history of the building and use of the National Road (old Route 40) from the Cumberland Gap to Vandalia, Illinois. This Diorama, the largest in the Nation, is executed at 1/32 scale and is rendered through four seasons of the year. The Fort Meigs Diorama shows the building of the Fort as well as the encampment there during the Revolutionary War. Life size dioramas involving the use of mannequins may be seen at both of these museums.

1979 to present at Museum Designers, Inc.

President and member of the Board. Responsible for the sale, research, design and production of exhibits for the Delf Norana Museum, Moundsville, West Virginia and mannequins for the Cincinnati Fire Museum. Design and Exhibit manufacturer of Museums throughout Ohio, West Virginia, Illinois, Missouri, Kentucky including Grave Creek, Cahokia, Davenport, Ohio State University, Indiana Museum of Natural History, Serpent Mound and Falls of the Ohio to name but a few. Video Consultant and program script writer, producer and director of Museum Theater Interpretation Presentations and moving graphic displays. Museum Lighting and Technical Display Specialist.

1955 to 1977 at Visual Arts, Inc.

Vice President and Production Manager of design displays and multi-media marketing for Museums of the Ohio Historical Society. Published advertisements, trade publications, produced television commercials and Mobile Displays at County Fairs, State Fairs and Metropolitan Museums. Designed and built Nature Trails at Historical Mounds Sites throughout Ohio, Indiana, Kentucky, Illinois and West Virginia. Was awarded Service and Achievement Certificates by Ohio Governor I'Neil. Winner of Ohio Historical Society Merit Medal of Distinction 12 consecutive years.

1958 to 1979 at Beverley Moseley & Associates

President. Responsible for sale and design of custom Museum decor in three state area. Also responsible for sales, research, designs of major Museum video and floor production specializing in Dioramas, silk screen wall graphics and sets, the manufacture of mannequins, skulls, various human remains, various skeletal animal remains, tools, pottery and custom fab trans-mobile water vehicle devices (specializing in dugouts). Custom design of floor plans, building layout and exhibition interpretation at all levels and all phases of Ancient American Cultures and similar displays.

1951 to 1958 at WBNS TV

Art Director responsible for set design and set manufacture for commercial and live programs. Executed commercial art for slide production and film openings and closings. Executed story boards for film production.


Ph.D. Fine Arts, The Ohio State University, 1950

As you could probably distinguish, Dr. Bev Moseley is a heavy hitter in this bizarre story. He is an artifact collector on a GRAND SCALE. He is said to have perhaps one of the finest private museums in the world and you would think no less of a man with these credentials. He's a damned genius. He also collects tablets and various artifacts from Alexander's Tomb currently owning over 500 excellent specimens. He and his crew knew the valued importance of these artifacts years before we ever had knowledge of a 'Burrows Cave'. He has known for several years that the artifacts were stolen but continued to purchase them on Burrows' black market as Tomb Looters of his experience are known to do. He is also the Vice President of the Midwestern Epigraphic Society and has published many award winning articles concerning the 'Burrows Cave' which can be accessed from this site.

This is also a great place to introduce to everyone Dr. Moseley's closest colleague, Dr. Gene Friley. Friley is also bad to the bone. He is a master Ceramist and an unequalled human skeletal graphics designer. His handmade skulls and skeletons are the best in the world. It is his work that appears in most Archy magazines where a picture is shown of an alleged Human Skull. 'You really don't think they would print the real thing do YOU?' he asked me once. His skulls, like I said are perfect; the best way to determine the gifted Dr. Friley's manufactured skulls is by carefully examining the teeth. He told me that he always makes the teeth really straight, with a good, clean bite; stating that no one, the world over, ever noticed that these skulls supposedly millions of years old, all had perfect teeth with no cavities.

These 2 guys working together can create anything to look as old as you want it. They also know that the Museums they have set up through the years in the Midwest were all bogus. When they escorted me through their beautiful Flagship, the world class Cahokia Museum, I asked them about all the Naked Indians they had made and placed in the displays; indicating that now, History must be rewritten and the Museum Interpretations modified to a great extent. Dr. Moseley told me, "Yeah, we've known for the past 25 years that the museums were all wrong, but you've got to realize, we work on a commission basis and the Big Boys don't allow anyone to stir the water too much. When the Museums have to be reconstructed, I'll get the work to do all of them because we are the only ones that know what happened." Guess what? Moseley's right, he will get all the work and perhaps control a monopoly of Museum Design in the United States. Paul Schaffranke often refers to Dr. Moseley as "the weasel" because of his sly tactics and the double-talk he uses to pit people against each other.

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