King Alexander the Great

Portrait #04

Translated as:

King Alexander of Pella. But how could it be? Simple, he was born in Pella.

This tablet is written in classical Schaff from top to bottom. It is a very simplistic script that borrows characters from 3 languages Greek, Latin and Punic. It was later learned that Burrows had removed this stone from the Main Crypt and lied about it in the second Burrows Book stating it was found in the hallway outside the Main Crypt. It was this particular decipherment that knocked Burrows right out of his chair the first time he saw it. When this decipherment flashed on the screen, he jumped up and began quickly pacing the floor back and forth repeating to himself, "Oh My God, Oh My God, Oh My God" over and over as he buried his face in his hands. This decipherment is featured on Tomb III and Tomb Tape IV.

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