-F A T' -------L T G----- Q D ------C P S R----------------------- Ancient Schaff

FaTeo------- LiTiGa ---QuiD--- CaPeSSaRe --------------------Latin

Discover-- Argument-- Which --(to)Understand -----------------English


--F-- T'-- T--- A IU--- B A L N -----C R M -----------------------Script

eFFeTo -eT-- AIU--- BALiNa -----CaRMe ----------------------Latin

Make--- not--(I)affirm- Whales-- Make Sound----------------- English


G I MN T 'T -----L O K'------ C O E V B T --------------------Script

GiMNiTiTos------ LOC---------COEVeBaT-------------------- Latin

to Pair Up------- Occasion------ to Come to---------------------- English

--(mate)------------------------------- a Place


FN O S--- T--- V A R----- F N T'------ H D--------------------- Script

FiNioS--- eT --ViARe---- FiNiTo----- HoDie------------------- Latin

Land---- and --Travel---- Ending---- Presently ----------------English

Translated in 1994 by Paul Schaffranke as:

I am revealing an argument which I will make understandable. I affirm that presently not only do whales make sounds when mating, but occasionally will approach land, ending their travels.

This tablet is written from bottom to top beginning at the lower left-hand corner. Notice the silly smirk in the smile of the whale. He looks guilty! This stone is featured on Tomb Tape IV and the ISAC video. The reverse of this tablet has a ship with the Port of Ioh Caesarea motif on the sail.  This is a classic decipherment and the inscription is excellent.

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