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There are additional Ancient American articles included in the Archives because they were featured there some years ago.  The Ancient American magazine has thrived on the Burrows Cave controversy since its first publication. 

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Issue I

A Most Controversial Site by Frank Joseph

Also Burrows Cave: Fraud or Find of the Century Dr. John J. White III and Dr. Beverley Moseley

September / October 1993

Issue III

Letters to the Editor (Data now in Archives)

November / December 1993

Issue IV

Russell Burrows Exclusive Interview by Wayne May

Letters to the Editor of Ancient American Magazine

January / February 1994

Issue VII

Letters to the Editor (Data in Archives)

January / February 1994

Issue XI

Ancient Pirate Treasure In Illinois - By Frank Joseph, Wayne May and Russ Burrows

In Search of Hard Evidence - William Kreisle

September / October 1994

Issue XIII

Illinois State & Federal Law and Burrows Cave

by Gen. Russell E. Burrows Cave

January / February 1995

Issue XVI

Ancient American Vol.3, Issue 16

Special Edition Featuring Ptolemy Productions

January 1997

Issue XVII

Is Burrows Cave for Real? by Frank Joseph

March 1997

Issue XXII

Letters to the Editor

Authenticating Burrows Cave By Dr. Cyclone Covey

January / February 1998


Letters to the Editor

April / May 1998

Issue XXIV

Letters to the Editor

July / August 1998

Issue XXVI

Christ in North America? by Wayne May

Serpents of Southern Illinois by Dr. John J. White III

Methods for Burrows Cave Verification by Dr. John White III

January / February 1999


Find of the Century Revealed

June / July 1999

Issue XXIX

"Mudstone" Source for Burrows Cave Found

by Wayne May

October / November 1999

Issue XXX

Internal Evidence Suggests --- An Ancient North African Treasure-Trove in Southern Illinois by Frank Joseph

MYSTIC SYMBOL AND JESUS: Another piece to the Burrows Cave Puzzle by Dr. John White III

December 1999

Issue XXXI

Letters to the Editor

Two Artifacts

February 2000


An Update from Illinois on Burrows Cave Site

April 2000


Burrows Cave is Opened

June 2000

Issue XXXV

Fake Gold "Coins"?

October 2000


North America's Pale Prophet

December 2000

Issue XLII

Update on Southern Illinois Site

November / December 2001

Issue XLVI

An Egyptian Pharaoh's Likeness in Illinois?

July / August 2002

Issue XLIX

Strange God of Southern Illinois

January / February 2003

Issue LI

Found: The Indians' Astronomical "Key"

How Burrows Cave Stones Compare with the Real Thing

Embarras River Tomb Site: An Update

July / August 2003

Issue LIV

  Illinois Update: Embarras Site, December 2003

December 2003

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