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Soon, anyone will be able to conduct their own search for the entrance to Burrows Cave.  This catalog is priced so people who order items, will surely receive more than they order. This catalog of many items with descriptions designed to inform the potential buyer of exactly what each item is. There is nothing misleading or fictional about this event.  This catalog is meant to be printed up by anyone interested in knowing more about our project.  We encourage customers to share the items they purchase here with others.  Before any item is ordered from this catalog, one should be familiar with this entire WebSite; otherwise, many of these items might not make much sense.  


Tomb Tape IV

ISAC Excerpts

Photo Show II

Denver Workshop

Denver Lecture

Etruscan Volume I

Tomb Tape III

Aliens from the Lost Tomb

Lazeria Map Collection

Modern Discovery w/ Reason to Dig

Audio CD-R's and Data CD ROM's

Russell Burrows, Harry Hubbard and Jack Ward

WTMJ Milwaukee April 1996 

Ancient American Issue 16

Ode to Apollonius


Etruscan Volume I Workbook

Mystery Cave of Many Faces

Rock Art Pieces of Burrows Cave

Tomb Chronicles Part I, The Discovery

Tomb Chronicles Part II, The Curse


Video Productions now on DVD

Self produced, educational and instructional non-fiction programs.

Tomb Tape IV

This Tomb video includes 3 decipherments from Tomb Tape III and 3 decipherments from the ISAC Conference. The 10 Claimandments by Alexander Helios, Inc. are presented here in order and detail explaining our position on several current Epigraphic and Historic delusions and dogmas. Lots of new information and 4 new decipherments never before seen or released. Our best video to date and our recommendation to begin the Home Alexander Series. Several videos are shown briefly in clips with additional descriptions of products now available in this catalog. Features Harry and Paul for over 35 minutes of new material and 20 minutes of repeated material much better organized. Runtime 55:00 DVD $15.00

ISAC Excerpts

Over 30 minutes of material recorded at the Spring 1995 ISAC Conference held in Columbus, Georgia. Features Paul Schaffranke presenting for the first time in world history deciphered Etruscan scripts. Paul's presentation also features several decipherments of tablets removed from the Lost Tomb of Alexander the Great. Next, Horatio Rybnikar (Harry) gives a short lesson concerning the Etruscan Alphabet and defines several of the problems confronting contemporary Epigraphers and Philologists. Harry details techniques used by Schaffranke to decipher unknown ancient Italic scripts with the alphabet found in North America as he attempts to provide helping aids to potential Epigraphers. He also explains the difficulties experienced by those scholars attempting to crack the Etruscan code before Schaffranke. This edited version is not available through ISAC or any of its affiliates. Runtime 31:00. DVD $15.00

Photo Show II

This 27 minute video shows close up photos of over 125 artifacts from The Lost Tomb. This video is hosted by Harry Hubbard (Horatio Rybnikar) who offers comments and releases about 10 new decipherments of stones and tablets from The Lost Tomb unavailable in any other video or book. All photographs used are taken by Harry. Runtime 27:00 $15.00

Denver Workshop

by Paul Schaffranke and Harry Hubbard

Second and third tapes filmed in Denver during the Ptolemy Productions Workshop at the Global Conference. Begins with Harry as he shows the audience conclusive data to show how history was literally created and purposefully bent during the late 1800's up to the mid 1900's. Part One of the program is titled, "Who stole the Lamp?" Part Two of the program is titled, "Pass the Hat," which discusses problems dealing with present day Numismatic Studies. Part Three features Schaffranke as he picks up where Part Two has left off. Schaffranke details problems with archaic Punic inscriptions and provides the origin and basis for a newly morphed form of language called "Hebrew" as he combs through problems with the Dead Sea Scrolls Manuscripts. Never before revealed data obliterates and destroys modern Semitic Scholars, as the issue unfolds of why the DSS are shrouded in secrecy, and kept from the public at large. A must for any Historian, Numismatist or student of ancient Semitic Inscriptions. No religious overtones expressed or implied by the hosts. Runtime 2:30:00. DVD $25.00

Denver Lecture

by Paul Schaffranke and Harry Hubbard

Filmed in Denver, August of 1997, at the Global Science Congress Convention. Arousing and provoking lectures by both researchers as they briefly outline certain spectacles of thought and nature. Displayed are maps from the Lazeria Collection, and the first public showing in North America of the world's oldest map of Atlantis, crafted by the Jesuit Priest, Atanasias Kircher in 1665, which proves that modern day Plato books have been tainted with important sections left out for obvious reasons. The Program pitches the Workshop set to follow this presentation. Runtime is over 1:10. DVD $15.00

Etruscan Volume I

Scripted and directed by Paul Schaffranke, produced and filmed by Horatio Rybnikar and is the first of several presentations yet to follow. This spectacular, 7 part video begins by showing the participant the ancient alphabets used to break Etruscan after becoming a 'dead' language over 2400 years ago. Next, comes the decipherments of Archaic Latin inscriptions found in Italy and the program moves into the bilingual inscriptions of Etruscan and Phoenician known as the Pyrgi Tablets. The student is then presented with a Lexicon showing each word origin and meaning. The Lexicon is followed by deciphering the Famous Duenos Script that has eluded scholars for several decades since its discovery. The final portion of the program is the deciphering of the Numerius Tablet considered by some scholars to be one of the most important texts yet to be removed from the Illinois Tomb. A simplistic step by step approach to understanding the Etruscan alphabet and language. Easy to follow concept with 30 page workbook makes learning the ancient Etruscan language fun. Many new complete and accurate Etruscan decipherments released for the first time in world history. A must for anyone studying Latin, Etruscan, Greek, Phoenician or any other Indo-European or Semitic Language. Runtime 1:27:00 DVD and Workbook $35.00

Tomb Tape III

The Famous Tomb III video. This is quite possibly the most provocative, controversial and astounding video presentation in World History. This video made Burrows cringe and sweat the first time he saw it. This is the first set of decipherments made of tablets from The Lost Tomb of Alexander the Great, ambiguously known in Archy circles as Burrows Cave. Covered in this presentation are: Ancient Symbols, Ancient Alphabets, the Ancient History pertaining to what happened here 2000 years ago, many decipherments and much, much more. A must for the avid Burrows Cave enthusiast. Features both Paul and Harry. Runtime 1:21:00 DVD $25.00

Aliens from the Lost Tomb

by Harry Hubbard

Recorded June 19, 1998, the very same day the X-Files movie opened across the country. This video was shot in Chicago at the Seven Continent Dowser's Association Conference. The lecture topic is little more than its title. Opens with a shuttle tale and moves into the first part of the program that deals with modern Dinosauria, Underground Data and ancient history not mentioned in any modern English text. The presentation drops off the deep end as slides from the Tomb, taken by Hourigan and Hubbard are deciphered and exhibited for what they truly depict. Most of this information released to the public for the first time in 1998, was discovered between 1994 and 1995 from data relating to the Tomb and its contents. As we have proclaimed in the past, many of the tablets from Alexander's Tomb do not fall into the "politically correct" category. The story line of this presentation uses primarily the details from tablets that clearly show Reptilian and other E.T. contact. Nothing here is made up or even slightly contrived. Harry outlines the parallels between Old World and New World contacts with E.T.'s 2000 years ago and follows certain threads of accurately described data through Medieval Age engravings, to the mid 1990's and right back to 2000 year old Latin found in North America. This tape is not controversial, it is the last word. There is no more to say about contact with races from the sky. More than a little of this data will soar right over the heads of most UFO enthusiasts. As Al Bielek says, "There is a learning curve one must pass through to understand your information." Runtime 1:20:00 DVD $15.00

Lazeria Map Collection

Back by popular demand, the Lazeria Map Collection video is again available. This presentation was compiled and taped several months before Harry and Paul were heavily involved in the Burrows Cave affair. This program was meant to be entirely educational, but after the first half hour or so, the viewer begins to have his mind stretched beyond the normal limits. Compulsory confusion are the next reactions as the two hosts of the show stay on course by spinning a single thread through these rare and strange maps that Harry has collected over the years. All Harry and Paul do is give you the information which deals with extremely sensitive subject matter. If you or your family needs something to discuss at the dinner table, this video will keep your mind occupied quite well. All who have seen this video have claimed it, so now we will do the same: Seeing this video will change your life forever. Not in a spiritual sense at all, but definitely in a dogmatic sense. This first edition of the documentary was recorded in the same condo on the beach as were most of the early Tomb videos, however, it is presented to you completely from memory with a couple of cue cards. Ride with Paul and Harry as they transcend the element of time to go back into history long enough to prove to you that we all might have been taken for a really big Ride. Presented in a most unbiased state of affairs, and just helping you read old maps in Latin, what could possibly go wrong?? This video is harmless, clean and loads of fun for the whole family, especially a family full of skeptics. Video runtime is just over 2 hours. A must see to believe. Are Harry and Paul out of their minds? In this video, you are the captain, you make your own decisions and come to your own conclusions. You won't need any help! DOES NOT CONTAIN ANY TOMB INFORMATION. DVD $15.00

Modern Discovery, Reason to Dig, Geophysical Primer
and Searching all on a single DVD.

Both of these productions are presented by your host Harry Hubbard. Part I explains the Modern Discovery of Alexander's Tomb by taking the viewer back to 1925 when this story first began to unfold. The audience is then taught exactly how the Tomb was located again in 1982 and subsequently in 1994. This video which was recently declassified, gives all the accurate data, time and place, of the hostage incident that occurred in November, 1994 when several people were held up on a bluff in R-1 at gun-point by Russell Burrows.  "Reason to Dig" details more closely the individual maps made during the 1980's. Several pieces of new evidence are documented that explains the proof needed to commence the digging operation. The reason for the high price is because we don't want anyone to purchase this, but it IS available to affirm our copyrights. This video contains extremely sensitive data that cost us 9 years and hundred$ of thousand$ to procure. Total Runtime 2 hours. DVD Should be available online soon.  Includes the two following Items:

Geophysical Primer

This video was made to send out to potential Geo-Fizzy companies who were determining how best to access and test the target property using different devices. This tape shows the Target R-1 area and associated Ravine in late fall of 1995 after the woods had been cleared and our trenches dug. (Backhoe gouging Hubbard). 

Searching for Alexander's Tomb

The Presentation video is only 8:35 long and was made for a select few to see. Its basic first purpose was for showing to different potential investors. Although it is no longer accurate or current, it has recently been declassified and is now available on the same cartridge as "Searching for the Tomb of Alexander the Great." This second portion of the tape begins with the details of our lease (as shown on Tomb IV) and then takes the viewer through the woods and down to the Tomb Site via roads and passages that wind through the bottoms of the Skillet Fork Basin. The "Searching" video was made exclusively for various potential movie producers and has recently been declassified also. Produced and Narrated by Harry Hubbard

Audio CD-R's and Data CD ROM's

Russell Burrows, Harry Hubbard and Jack Ward 

"I'm Comin' After Ya"

Taken from October 1996

This portion of the CD-R was recorded just prior to the magazine release and features Harry and Russell over the phone. Russell really lets his hair down on this one, and any researcher of human psychology would be thrilled to hear such "threats" and "warnings" issued by this semi-famous and un-illustrious redneck.  It would seem that Mr. Burrows has problems under pressure. This tape proves it was none other than Harry Hubbard who forced Russell Burrows out of his home in Olney, Illinois, causing him to flee to Colorado. Extremely foul language is used and this product is not recommended for ladies or children.

Part II is Russell Burrows' first public speech recorded in September of 1984 at annual meeting of the Old Northwest Corporation. This also features Jack Ward's presentation.  

Part III is taken from WJBD in Salem, IL during late fall of 1995. Features Harry Hubbard and Russell Burrows. CD-R $25.00.


This CD is the radio interview recorded April 18, 1996 from downtown Milwaukee station WTMJ. The hosts, Jim and Andie, first interview Burrows and after the break, a former associate and Harry Hubbard offer comments and perspectives concerning the lies Burrows has used to deceive the audience. The Burrows Cave Saga is exposed for the first time on national radio. This tape causes many problems for Burrows as his lies become exposed to the public and begin to close in on him while the allegations of Alexander Helios, Inc. go unopposed. CD-R $25.00

Ancient American Magazine Issue #16

No more need to track down this Ancient American Issue.  Now this classic is available on CD ROM.  Every page has been scanned in high resolution and shows the color images and text with very good clarity.  This issue featured over 4 dozen photographs of artifacts; 12 decipherments; pictures of both Harry and Paul; and several articles that are also available to be read for free at: Ancient American.  $25.00

Earth Resistivity Survey 2000

First CD ROM produced, recorded, edited and directed by Paul Schaffranke.  Script, layout, arrangement, and voice-overs by Harry Hubbard.  This valuable tool presents the final Resistivity slats one at a time.  The presentation covers all lines shot in R-1 and R-2.  Each segment shows a picture of the woods where the line was operated from along with the geological Slat.  The voice-over explains the Slat and the machine settings with precise detail.  The enclosed two maps allow for the participant to review the locations of the lines shot at the target.  The Survey includes several Test Lines shot at a large, known, control shelter near the target.  This fool-proof presentation shows large underground rooms in one Ravine, and a manmade tunnel in the adjacent Ravine.  This is a reference tool with no time limit and is studied for days by all who review it.  This is a brilliant production with a most entertaining flash intro complete with music, artifacts and Roman graphics. CD ROM Should be available online soon.  


This browser-based program features 10 separate links and comes from the Alexander Helios, Inc. vault.  This item is being made available for the first time at an extremely outrageous price because it details the location of the Tomb that Russell Burrows looted.  Features: 1) Jack Ward's 1983 Marion County Platt Book where "X" marks the spot; 2) A Gallery of Pictures taken by Russell Burrows at the site in 1987; 3) The Fern Lowery map - who was actually the first person to find the original opening in 1925 at the age of 6; 4) The ever top secret Russell Burrows "Pinpoint Map" that was given to Jack Ward in January of 1985 which spawned a flurry of grief for the A.R.E. gang.  Add to all that, the Jackson Judge Map of 1987 where Russell Burrows first made a mark, then placed an X over the target site.  With these two presentations [the one just above], anyone can take over the Burrows Cave (Lowery Tomb or Lost Tomb) research.  Also, either of these productions coupled with the Modern Discovery DVD, could feasibly waltz right into the Lost Tomb that Burrows rediscovered in 1982. Not currently available, see Book Two.

Ode to Apollonius
With Robert Morning Sky and Harry Hubbard

Harry and Robert on the same ticket!  Harry comments on Robert's famous tape titled, The Secret Jesus Christ and offers factual historical data along the way.  Mr. Morning Sky is a student of bad history.  Robert attempts to prove that Apollonius of Tyanna was the real Yeshua Christos.  An interesting tape for any unbiased, third person perspective about religion in general.  What is done on this tape, would be impossible for any Christian Preacher to accomplish, but every one of them should be able to.  Pagans and X-tians alike will thoroughly enjoy the extremely high level of intellectual stimulation which is directed in a manner to cause one the opportunity to embark upon their own voyages of adventure and discovery.  The end of the tape is tagged with several topics waiting for good researchers; little known groups of people that still dangle in a mysterious fog even today. This tape will be enjoyed by all who hear it over and over again.  Always remember, "It is the Way of the Warrior to search for Truth, and when he finds it, he must follow it... wherever it goes." Robert Morning Sky---1997. CDR $15.00


Discovery of Burrows Cave by Russell Burrows

Originally copyrighted in 1990, this could be Russell's first attempt at printed matter. Allegedly published by Seven Stars, Inc.  The document is Russell's recanted events surrounding his intial discovery of the Tomb.  This classic copy comes from the files of the Illinois State Historical Preservation Agency.  It has been annotated with comments and is underlined by Dr. Thomas Emerson, former State Archaeologist of the state of Illinois.   $25.00 No longer available. Should be online for free soon.

Etruscan Workbook

The Etruscan Workbook is available by itself. Originally made to accompany the Etruscan video. 30 pages of hands on Etruscan for the discriminating student. For more information, refer to Etruscan Volume I in the Video section. $20.00

Mystery Cave of Many Faces

The book that started the most controversial epic in history is available from the Alexander Helios catalog. This book was released in 1992 and is written by Fred Rydholm assisted by Russell Burrows. This jacketed hardcover is over 250 pages long and contains an index for easy reference and over 150 b/w photos and illustrations. The book also contains portions by various authors connected with the project who were later kicked out of it by the mysterious landowner John Black / George W. Neff. This book makes for very interesting reading, however, it contains many false statements, discrepancies and fictitious stories; not however by Fred Rydholm, but only by Burrows himself. $30.00 No Longer available.

Native American Language Reference Guide

Dedicated to the memory of the late ShupeShe, member of the Grand Mide' Medicine Lodge and recognized as the worlds greatest contemporary Native American Linguist. A quick and easy way to study over 1500 Native American Tribes by Language Distinction. Features over 50 primary language categories with many additional subgroups. Captions include general geographical descriptions and the detailed index makes searching for a particular tribe simple and easy. By leaps and bounds, the most complete listing of Native American Tribes available in the World, considered to be a Classic by many Native American Elders from several surviving tribes. Compiled and updated by Horatio Rybnikar, (aka Harry Hubbard) Native American Linguistics Expert. Spiral bound, 66 pages. This document has no copyright and is used only as historical fact. For title sheet and table of contents, click HERE. $34.95 No longer available.

Rock Art Pieces of Burrows Cave

Released in small quantities late in 1992, this new printing of the book by Dr. James Scherz, Professor at University of Wisconsin in Madison, is the second "Burrows Cave Book." Scherz is feebly assisted with his work by Burrows who is lacking in credibility. This issue comes spiral bound and contains the commentary notes and initial trial decipherments by Schaffranke. This spiral bound book is over 320 pages thick and contains b/w pictures of over 100 artifacts looted removed from Marion County in southern Illinois.  $75.00 Awe shucks, no longer available.

Sunshine in Romine:

Discovering the Largest Ancient Earthworks in North America

by Ron and Barb Schierbaum

Sunshine in Romine is exactly what this scholarly document details. Over four years of research are unfolded to help the inquisitive researcher understand how overwhelming and populous the ancient civilization who lived in Romine was when the Tomb was actually built 2000 years ago. The book describes several of the large mounds in the immediate area of the Tomb and the alignment relationship to themselves, the sun, and the solar phases. Deals extensively with the ancient astronomy of Classical writers and challenges the so called and professed, "Constellators," to answer for their blatant mistakes made in modern Astronomy books since the turn of the century concerning the ancient recorded placements of many constellations. Information is presented that shows how these ancient moundbuilders constructed colossal monuments and aligned them according to their ancient star charts which are also replicated in the artifacts. This book also explains why none of the constellations look like the animals or entities they are named and designated to resemble. Forwarded by Harry Hubbard, this book has several color plates with well defined illustrations that will someday be referred to as the "scroll" of ancient archaeo-astronomy in North America. Ron & Barb have discovered an entirely new vista of research with virtually unlimited boundaries and they are on the frontier of a Renaissance in the field of Astronomy. This book is a "Pandora's Box," with many references to the Tomb in Romine Township, Illinois. Not Currently available. $50.00

The History of Mayberry Mounds

by Bruce Mayberry

Another book by a local Tomb-Tribesman who has collected artifacts and ancient data for years a few miles from our target. Bruce Mayberry and Harry have been good friends since meeting in fall of 1994. It was "Uncle Ray" of Mt. Vernon who got these two together to show each other their ancient artifact collections from the Skillet Fork region. The Mayberry Mounds are just down the river from our target; about 13 miles south, on the north side of the Skillet Fork. There are literally thousands of mounds, mound groups and ancient campsites in the Little Wabash Basin which includes the Skillet Fork drainage. The Mayberry Mound Group consists of at least 12 glorious mounds from which hundreds of beautiful pieces, pictured in the book, were located. This soft-stapled book is 80 pages with over 50 photographs of artifacts and 4 location / site maps. Bruce not only documents the artifacts taken from the family Mounds, but also much about his immediate ancestors who lived on and near the Mound Group. All photographs are black and white with really good detail and quality. Bruce has done a wonderful job of presenting his own views of how things might have been when the "Indians" built these mounds and he gives several "woods" ideas and tips on how certain tasks could have been accomplished using old methods and experience as his source. The Mayberry site is located in Wayne County which boasts of having over 2000 ancient camps and mounds. Some of the finest artifacts ever found in North America come from Wayne County, adjacent to Marion County; the area where all artifacts books on this site refer to. This book features many incredible pieces and dozens of pictures have several artifacts in each one. Featured are: Banister Stones, Gorgets, Discoidals, Scrapers, Effigies, Axe-Heads, Drills, Tips, Beads and Bone implements. If it is so hard for someone to believe our ancient colony existed in Romine: Just look at what was found around the corner. This is a well written, well arranged book worth reading and owning for anyone interested in the ancient civilizations who lived along the Skillet Fork River or anywhere else in Southern Illinois. While supplies last. $35.00. Not available.

Ancient Mediterranean Treasure

In North America

Tomb Chronicles Part I

by Harry Hubbard

ISBN: 0-9638190-0-3   Library of Congress Control Number 00-091808-00 

Details the Discovery of the Lost Tomb and the entire crypt of the Ptolemaic Dynasty, including Queen Kleopatra, Theophilopator, VII. NON-FICTION! Real-life drama. The scope of the book covers subjects one would expect of such a discovery, e.g., tons of artifacts, looting to the tune of untold billions, unknown languages, millions in gold, diamonds, guns, kings, cadavers, state officials, professors, robbers and cops; to mention only a few. Deals profusely with the archaic form of Adeana Latin called "Schaff" script. This Discovery is unequaled in our time era. Story features King Juba II, King of Mauretania along with Alexander Helios, missing son of Marc Antony and Kleopatra VII, and how they transported the family SEMA across the Mare Atlantic and up the Mississippi River 2000 years ago. Categorically accurate as: Ancient History, Adventure, Linguistics, Epigraphy, Philology, Archaeology, Intrigue and American Antiquities. First volume of 3 dealing with the discovery itself. Begins in winter 1993 and closes in winter of 1995. "Ancient Treasure" is 80,000+ words and includes 15 plates and 32 Appendices. REGIONALLY RELEASED AS "Treasure in Romine." $29.99 Shipping $6.00. Shipped Priority Mail with tracking number.  No additional charge for shipping when ordering two books

The Secret Curse

of Burrows Cave

Tomb Chronicles Part II

by Harry Hubbard

ISBN: 0-9638190-2-X

Over 120,000 words that detail the Saga from winter of 1995 to fall of 1997. Includes 58 pictures of artifacts, landmarks, maps, tables and people.  There are dozens of photographs with an emphasis on Alexander Helios. 20 Plates and local areas known as the Hominy Holes, Romine Township, R-1 as well as R-2 where several artifacts have been found.  This book contains several decipherments along with an extended Appendices of 83 parts.   $45.00  Not quite ready.

Letters, Reports and Essays

Letters of Russell Burrows

Letters of Russell Burrows from the mid 1980's to Winter of 1996: Now the researcher can review over 75 pages of letters written by Russell Burrows as he corresponds with Jack Ward, Norman Cullen, George Neff, Dr. Warren Cook and Ptolemy Productions, Inc. Features 17 pages of authentic ledger book receipts and money records regarding the theft of million$ in gold artifacts. Follow the paper trail as Burrows describes in his own words how he stole over 6.5 million dollar$ worth of gold and silver.  This is an amazing collection of letters. $35.00 Soon available in Book Two.

Letters of Dr. Warren Cook

Over 40 pages of his notes, letters, deductions and conclusions.  Cook is one of the worlds' most brilliant and gifted professors of all time. Review his research and ploys to George Neff and Russell Burrows over the project which he was chosen to be Director of. Follow Dr. Cook and his amazing work first hand as he becomes intrigued with the Mystery Cave and the bullies who opposed him. See how he finally discovered and understood the complex maze of lies and deceit that Burrows created to ensnare and stagnate him as well as others associated with their group.  Dr. Cook becomes frustrated with the cave issue and calls BS on the Mythical Landowner that he figured out never existed. This is an Historical document.  $25.00  Soon available in Book Two.

Letters of Harry Hubbard

Spiral bound soft cover, 65 pages of Letters to and from Harry and Paul as well. Dates begin at contact with ISAC in summer of 1993 and end with late summer of 1996. Includes seven letters from Russell Burrows not available in the Letters of Russell Burrows collection. Fascinating text features exchanges with many scholars.  This is a non-fiction collection of Historical rhetoric.  $35.00 Currently available on this website.

The Letters of George Neff;

Fantasy Landowner of Burrows Cave

Letters of George Neff includes Jack Ward's amazing letter of reply dated January 8, 1986. Meet the fictitious "landowner" of the ambiguous Burrows Cave as researcher Harry Hubbard uncovers the plot of Burrows to control and extort all persons involved or connected in his project of looting and stealing priceless artifacts, as well as millions in gold. Includes all known George Neff signatures, with letters and business deals involving a man who never existed. 25 pages of exclusive data that Burrows never intended for the public to see.  $25.00  Soon available in Book Two.

Letters of Jack Ward

Several letters to and from Jack Ward that prove an honest and sincere effort to assist the project on his behalf. Various assorted notes and memo's from the late 1980's to the early nineties. Soon available in Book Two.   

Reports of Professor James Scherz Ph.D.

(in German; 'scherz' means a joke or a prank as a noun; worthy of note)

Professor Scherz was acting president of the Bogus non-profit organization called the "Burrows Cave Committee, Inc." or BCC, Inc. before Burrows disbanded the group sometime before 1999. Scherz did whatever he could to cover for Burrows' scandals; often being dishonest to keep out of trouble. This publication is presented in 4 parts: I) The first letter to the Florida Boys dated October of 1994 granting his endorsement; II) His first attempt to challenge the work of Schaffranke and Hubbard in the winter of 1995 after rejecting his previous endorsement; III) His summary dissertation after a public presentation given by Schaffranke and Hubbard in spring of 1995; IV) The letter by Hubbard ending the scholastic battle which had raged for years. 58 total pages, spiral bound. $25.00 No longer available.

Works Volume I

by Harry Hubbard

Collection of new and old stories and reports. Includes the following: The Ptolemaic Dynasty; Alexander Helios, Forgotten Ruler of North America; Harry and the Ogamites; The Big Sink; Serendipity; Same-Dater's and two entertaining book reports. Works Volume I is 35 pages and covers various topics and articles written mostly during the 1990's. Total adventure and literary entertainment. $25.00 These will soon be available online.

Forensic Reports

by Orenda Laboratories

Will testing the artifacts from the ambiguous Burrows Cave a.k.a. The Lost Tomb in Southern Illinois stand up to the rigors of critical Forensic Analysis? The answer of course is YES! These Forensic Conclusions are now made available to the interested public, historian and skeptic alike. This release contains color plates which details the report of 4 types of artifacts including the only silver HELIOS coin removed from the Tomb.  Chemical and physical procedures of the testing processes are carefully outlined and described in full detail by technicians at the most thorough, advanced, state-of-the-art Forensic Laboratory in the country. Our group is the first to submit its artifacts and pay a professional forensic laboratory for report analysis.  These crucial reports are now available to the public.  Spiral bound with several color illustrations and photographs. $65.00 No longer available.

Photographs of Artifacts from the Lost Tomb

Now the public can see over 400 pictures of Artifacts from this Tomb taken by Harry Hubbard. This photo collection has over 4 dozen shots taken of tablets that have not been seen even by owners in the Burrows Cave inner circle. This photo collection is the only one that contains over 100 shots of the gold replicas found in Jack Ward's Estate after he was murdered. The set comes as 4" x 6" color photographs mounted in two, standard-sheet, large photo-binders. Set includes several additional b/w shots and all pictures are listed and cataloged with a 14 page, easy-to-follow index locator. Purchase of the set allows use of the photographs for private projects and a letter of release is available for reprints and slides upon request.  Soon, we hope to make this available on CD ROM which will be far less expensive.  $450.00 Currently not available.

The "Schaff" Alphabet and Key Code

by Paul Schaffranke

To make the purchase of this complicated Ancient Alphabet chart, one must prove to Schaffranke that he is worthy to possess it. Should anyone ever purchase this chart, they should never experience problems in deciphering, Archaic Latin, Etruscan, Umbrian, Oscan, Faliscan, Viralonda Text, Numidian-Berber or Punic. This is the premier alphabetical chart created by Schaffranke as the newest and most effective alphabet the Epigraphic World has experienced in recent times. This script chart is heavily protected and a notarized agreement must be signed and returned before shipping the subject matter. At the price below, the purchase has full option to reprint or publish the chart.  Stated in the agreement is a satisfaction clause with a 10% restocking fee and applied expenses. If you can't decipher with it, return it, but no publishing allowed. This is what we claim it to be, and is not over-emphasized.  The price is outrageous because with this listing, one could easily decipher ancient scripts of dead languages that academia has forgotten; hence, it can be a guide to future book production. No longer available.

People of Burrows Cave

(Who they were, where they came from and when)

by John A. Ward

Spiral bound reissue of Dr. Jack Ward's 27 page book that contains over a dozen illustrations and photographs in black & white of artifacts from Burrows Cave. This book has in its pages the first confirmed accurate decipherment of a simple tablet by someone before Schaffranke. Many of Jack's attempts, however, were futile; but his scholarship must nevertheless be applauded. Also sold with this short book is Jack's work called "Incarnate of the Sun God" (5 pages, 1988) where Jack attempts to decipher a single gold medallion from the Lost Tomb which is very large and well crafted with several alphabetical characters. Jack was uncannily correct on his decipherment as this (according to Schaffranke) book contains the second confirmed accurate script translation in part. Jack Ward realized the importance of these artifacts and suspected that some day others might be interested in the genius behind his ground breaking effort to discover who was buried in the ambiguous Burrows Cave. Both articles contain excellent research data left by a true scholar of whom we are quite pleased to present and promote his conjectures and theories. Also provided with this exclusive package is Jack Ward's brilliant masterpiece titled THE GREAT UNDERGROUND WATER SOURCE written about the 12 mile wide river that flows over 125 trillion gallons per day underneath the Wabash River. This document is 13 pages. Total package 46 pages as of now, but this might be added to later. $65.00  No longer available.

GPR and Earth Resistivity Reports

Full color GPR readout chart taken of R-1 East-Bluff by Brayton Geophysical and three independent Earth Resistivity Reports; one by PELA, Inc. and the in house Ptolemy Productions, Inc. survey, plus the 2000 resistivity reports by Alexander Helios, Inc. Includes several maps of the target area indicating each survey report. Set contains clear layovers as well as over 4 dozen full color pictures, illustrations and data charts.  No longer available.


NOT FOR SALE ANY LONGER. Available at no charge to any ranking Law Enforcement Officer, District Attorney, Federal or Civil Judge, IRS Agent, FBI Agent, Private Investigator or Independent Council. This updated softbound presentation details the allegations we have compiled against Russell Burrows in easy to understand, outline form. Features the sworn affidavit by Harry Hubbard after Burrows held his party hostage, at gun-point, in the woods near the Tomb Site; reprints of the gold pictures used in the Ancient American Magazine; Burrows' fraudulent bankruptcy papers and several receipts of retail deals. Available soon on this website.

Newspaper Articles:

Several newspaper articles taken from various sources concerning The Lost Tomb. Begins with a story about Burrows in his home town of Olney, Illinois, in 1984. Additional articles printed in the late 1990's and winter of 2000. More available very soon. Read the comments of several reporters not previously available to the public at large. $25.00 No longer available....featured in Book Two.

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Ancient Coin: King Archelaus

The most photographed and peculiar Ancient Coin in World History. Found buried 8' deep in northern Maine (1987), this coin is AES and so old, the tin has surfaced under a heavy patina; it is covered with Gallic script. It took several years to finally decipher this artifact that has 32 characters of script on both Obverse and Reverse. With the coin comes a spiral-bound book that contains: 1) A notarized affidavit of its discovery and location by its discoverer to prove and verify provenance; 2) Several large black/white and color photographs under intense magnification; 3) The initial "Dave" story; 4) Article by Harry Hubbard titled, Numismatics, which is written about the entire affairs of this elusive coin with its history; 5) Denver Tape II, which features the coin as a major part of the presentation; 6) Complete Forensic Analysis Report by Orenda Laboratories; 7) Complete decipherment chart outline and lexicon by Paul Schaffranke. Coin is in excellent condition save only for finger wear on both sides at the outer-most points. THIS IS A ONE-OF-A-KIND COIN HAVING NO EQUAL ON THE PLANET. King Archelaus ruled Macedon from 413 to 399 BC., the natural son of Perdiccas II. He was a patron of Hellenic art and literature and attracted to his court Zeuxis, Euripides and Agathon. We have no idea where it was minted other than speculation of somewhere among the northern provinces; most likely, the same mint that stamped the King Philip II coins scripted in Celtic. This coin is the only known specimen of its kind in the world.  100% satisfaction guaranteed or your money refunded minus a 10% restocking fee and all shipping / travel charges. Hand delivered anywhere in the Western Hemisphere. Extra Fine condition. $55,000.  To see the coin, click hereNo longer available.

Ancient Coin: King Helios

This is the only true Ag coin specimen actually known to have been retrieved from the Lost Tomb at this time. The coin features the Alexander Helios Motif inscribed on the Obverse with a Punic-marking index on the Reverse. This coin is also a One-of-a-Kind artifact having no equal in the realm of Ancient Numismatics: This coin has opened up a totally new field of Numismatics hitherto unknown. Mint location unknown, most likely North America; bearing the Motif of Alexander Helios, missing son of Marc Antony and Kleopatra VII. Minted in the ancient fashion as the accompanying Forensic Analysis Report (with photographs) by Orenda Laboratories will most certainly attest. Estimated mint date is 0 BC+ ten years. Coin is in extremely rough condition and has previously been cleaned. Coin shows heavy weathering but all markings are clearly visible and discernible. This coin is the most rare Numismatic spectacle in the world! 100% satisfaction guaranteed or your money refunded minus a 10% restocking fee and all shipping / travel charges. Hand delivered anywhere in the Western Hemisphere. Very Good condition. $45,000. No longer available.

Marble Bust: Julius Caesar

NO LONGER FOR SALE: Beautiful, Phosphorescent, Italian Carrera White Marble relief of Iol Hyssar, facing right in the Ureaus, scripted in Ancient North Lybian characters. Speculated date of manufacture: 45-44BC.  Artist unknown.  Having been Forensically Tested, this tablet measures: Height, 23cm.; Length, 19.5cm.; Width, 5.6cm. Weight 4Kg. This artifact has bounced around on the American Black-Market for almost 2 decades, and now it can bounce right into your showcase. Amazing piece, exquisitely crafted. This specimen is quite possibly the most published ancient artifact in the World during the last decade and into the mid 1980's. It has been featured in several Domestic and Foreign books printed since its removal in 1983. It has also been featured on this WebSite (wall paper and Artifacts Section) as well as the Tomb III video. It comes complete with a Forensic Report, Several Hard-Bound Books* (to further secure provenance after retrieval), One Tomb Tape III video and a copy of The Discovery of Alexander's Tomb, where this tablet is fully covered in detail. One of the finest Egyptian show pieces anywhere in the world taken from the Crypt of Queen Kleopatra VII and the Sema of the Ptolemies. Upper right corner has sustained a severe fracture which was repaired in 1990. Heavy black patina on right side and 2 wedge-ways on left side. 100% satisfaction guaranteed or your money refunded minus a 2% restocking fee and all shipping / travel charges. Hand delivered anywhere in the World in its own case.  Only - $2,500,000. *Included with the books are Mystery Cave of Many Faces; and Sun Kings by Dr. Joe Mahan, both featuring this tablet. No longer available.

Calcite Carving: "Peek-A-Boo"

Extremely Phosphorescent: This artifact is the only Calcite Specimen known to have been removed from the Lost Tomb of Alexander. Named "Peek-A-Boo" because the human image appears to be looking at You, the viewer. This large piece of Honey-Calcite measures: Height, 27.4cm; Width, 7.2cm; Depth, 20cm. Weight 6.12Kg. This carving is made of Indigenous Calcite mineral from somewhere in the south eastern region of Illinois. Date of manufacture or place of manufacture unknown. Artist unknown.  Carving is a "Native American" resembling most closely the Miami-type Algonquin - Woodland culture. He is peeping through the hole drilled into a ceremonial stick of sorts, which we are told by Native American Geniuses, represents the Future. Peek-A-Boo is looking at YOU, because he sees you in the future admiring him and his ability to sustain Phosphorescence with a long decay under both high and low angstrom output UV. He lights up like the moon! Beautiful crystalline composite with an extremely rare natural planed surface on the obverse side. Sold with this artifact are: Two high intensity; low and high angstrom portable UVL's, complete documentation of authenticity, and carrying case large enough to pack everything into. 100% satisfaction guaranteed or your money refunded minus a 2% restocking fee and all shipping / travel charges. Hand delivered anywhere in the World. Only $1,250,000.  Click here to see the artifact. No longer available.

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