These are only a few of my OPINIONS:

The most important battle event of all world history: The Battle of Actium.

The most intelligent men of ancient times were:   Archimedes,   Julius Caesar,   

King Juba II,   Alexander Helios,   Varro,   Agrippa,

Yeshua Christos,   Alexander III,   Soter II

The most intelligent men of the Renaissance:   Atanasius Kircher,   Leonardo DaVinci

The most intelligent men of the last century were/are:   Eustace Mullins,   Dr. Royal R. Rife,   William Corliss,   L. A. Waddell,   Paul Schaffranke,   Alan Keys,

Anton Tkalec, Nicolas Tesla, James Scartaccini

The most distinguished personage of the 20th Century:  Audie Murphy

Most intelligent woman to ever live:  Kleopatra VII

Most brilliant woman living today: Vicki Martin

The sorriest, most disgusting bastards that ever lived:    Agathocles,    Russell E. Burrows,  Tarquinius III,   William B. J. Clinton,   Gasparilla,   Nero,   Commodus,   Caraculla

The most powerful man that ever lived: Augustus Caesar

My Favorite Ancient Kings are in order: Tarquinius I, Sargon the Great, 

Cyrus the Great, Soter II

My Favorite Modern Orator is Pastor Peter John Peters 

In my opinion: Anyone who became afraid of the threats and thought something terrible was going to happen for Y2K; qualifies as gullible. 

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