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This document is not dated, however, it was first reviewed in September of 1994.  It may perhaps have been crafted during 1993 and early 94 because it had just been "rejected" by the Mythical Landowner, George Neff.  As near as can be determined, this document is mostly scripted by Beverley Moseley, but he could have been assisted by Dr. White III, Dr. Keller and Dr. Friley; all of whom reside in Columbus, Ohio.  Beverley Moseley is a professional museum designer and his professionalism is clearly shown in the following document. To learn more about Beverley Moseley, you can read his bio at this LINK.

If the Mythical Landowner, George Neff, had approved of this plan, then the most modern and state-of-the- art museum in the world would have been created.  This spectacular museum plan required many hours to craft and was entirely conceived to impress a man who never existed. This document was originally presented in a soft blue binder with a clear fronted window.  It may seem strange to realize how such great men of genius can actually be lured into believing a person who never lived; thrives as an extremely wealthy and prosperous individual. Museum of the Mind is detailed in Book I. 

The proper name for Museum of the Mind is: