Embarras River Tomb Site: An Update

by Wayne N. May

A very wet spring mingled with tornadoes has prevented an early opening of the Embarras site in southern Illinois.  Our team will return to the site late Jun or early July to commence excavation operation to open this find.

Our lead expert is Mr. Gene Storm a mining engineer by profession.  It is with his equipment that the work will commence when we return to Richland County.  Mr. Storm has a Nevada based engineering company called Terra Firma.  The majority of his work is in Central and South America on mining projects with over 20 years of experience digging tunnels.

Discovery Resources, William White and Ralph Wolak of California will also be present along with myself, Wayne May, 2 professional photographers and last but not least of all our archaeologist, will be present, Dr. David Overstreet of Milwaulkee, Wisconsin.  Security for the site will be carried out by off duty policemen headed up by officer Tim Dunahee of Olney, Illinois.

Upon entry Dr. Overstreet will be in charge of operations.  The property has been surveyed and on offer to purchase the site has been tendered to the landowner with a verbal agreement as to price and a 10% down has been accepted.

A real estate contract will be signed in June or July just prior to excavation.  If this site is what we think it is, it will all have been worth the wait.  The Embarras site has the potential to be the turning point for diffusion in America.

The men and women who have helped this project out financially will be invited as first visitors to the site upon entry.

Ancient American will report a full detailed article just as soon as possible.  Let's wish for a dry summer.

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