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All of these photo's were taken during winter of MMIII.

Harry and Tiki working on the computer together in Denver.

Standing at the mouth of a singing cave near Sedona, AZ.


Massacres anyone?


Where did that rock run off to?  Desert of Arizona.

Harry showing off a fine specimen of Hydrozincite removed especially for Peter Neri of Evergreen, CO -- right after it was chiseled out from the mine near Las Vegas.  This is possibly the largest and most spectacular piece to have ever been removed from the Yellow Pine Mine, 900' level.

Now there's some pretty Calcite.  Arizona Desert.

Two of Harry's favorite people. Dr. Frank Aon and Dr. Robert Ghost Wolf in Santa Fe.

Harry on Celine Dion's stage at Caesar's Palace in Las Vegas working with the crew installing overhead structures. No need to apologize for the dark exposure as no flashes were allowed inside the hall.

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