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We would like to welcome you to our WebSite and we want you to join us on a journey which does not parallel anything that has been previously presented by academia in the fields of history and archaeology. What you are about to explore is a chapter of ancient history that has been omitted or lost when referring to classical sources. It is also a very important chapter of North American history.

Alexander Helios, Inc. has been pursuing this great archaeological discovery for several years. Unfortunately, as with many other historical sites, looting by the original discoverer has been a major obstacle in revealing the whole truth. Precious artifacts have been scattered about and sold to private collectors and many relics have suffered damage as a result. The looter on many occasions has threatened our lives and law enforcement has been unable to act due to the controversy surrounding this ancient site. According to the experts, such an archaeological deposit from the Mediterranean basin, now in North America, should not exist. Closed mindedness is a tragedy that plagues our academics.

On the brighter side of the spectrum, we were able to amass large quantities of information from the artifacts as to who the people were that constructed the "Illinois Mystery Cave" and the identities of the corpses who lay interred within it. You will now have the opportunity to review additional articles published regarding this find. 

For those who want to study this matter more deeply, we have learning aids available through our catalog. This adventure has taken us to conference halls across the country, from the beaches of Florida to the desert's of Arizona as well as the backwoods and ravines of Illinois. The journey also required repeated visits to many libraries, museums and ancient ruins scattered all over this country. We sincerely hope you enjoy learning this new and old information we have to offer. We have done our very best to make this website easy and fun to navigate through.  Please understand also that nothing on this site is fiction and therefore, nothing has been frivolously concocted or invented.

Thank you for coming!

Paul Schaffranke

Senior Epigrapher, Senior Historian of Alexander Helios, Inc.

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